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November Newsletter (reflecting July, Aug., Sept. and Oct.)

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~Fall Retirement List - NOW AVAILABLE on www.thirtyonetoday.com

All the excitement of our new Spring Catalog is right around the corner! It’s full of bold new prints and versatile new styles your Customers will love.

Of course, to pave the way for all these great new products, we have to say goodbye to some items from the Fall Catalog. You and your Customers will have the chance to grab these retiring products until Friday, December 20, or while supplies last!

Remember, there are so many great ways to use our retiring products to energize your business. Rehearse some quick talking points about retiring products, then give these tips a try!

  • Consult your Customer list and review previous purchases in your Virtual Office. If you know of someone who loved a specific print or product set that’s retiring, let them know NOW is the time to finish their collection since it won’t be available much longer!
  • Tell everyone it’s a great time to stock up on some gifts for all occasions. First, listen to their needs and then suggest products just right for them.
  • Let Customers know this is their last chance to see some of these items!
  • Check out the complete Fall Retirement List and continue to check the Business Update on ThirtyOneToday.com for any new announcements.

    ~Apply for the 2014 Thirty-One Gives Care Council!

    Don’t miss your chance for the opportunity to serve on the 2014 Thirty-One Gives Care Council! Register now through Friday, November 15 at 11:59 p.m. PST Thirty-One Gives is accepting online applications for the 2014 Gives Care Council.

    The Gives Care Council will serve a 12-month term from February 2014 to February 2015 and is made up of 15 Thirty-One Consultants representing each region of the United States. Directors and above who exemplify the mission of Thirty-One Gives are invited to apply.

    ~More Reasons to Believe & Achieve!

    We decided seven weeks wasn’t quite enough. But eight? Eight sounds great!

    So we’re adding one extra week to our Believe & Achieve Fall Incentive!

    When you submit $300 PV Nov. 18-24, two great things will happen:

    1. We’ll ship you a surprise reward – a randomly selected product from the first seven weeks of the incentive. It could be just the style you need to finish your collection, or it could be something you’ve earned already, making it a perfect holiday gift!
    2. We’ll donate a product to Operation Homefront on your behalf! These donations will be used to support military troops and families in need.

    We know how much you love giving back during the holiday season, so take advantage of this extra week to earn a gift for yourself plus one for a family serving our country!

    Please note: You do not need to earn Week 8 to qualify for the Consistency Reward. Also, Week 8 PV will not count toward the Top Earner Reward. To earn that reward, you must submit $3,500 by Nov. 17.

    ~ Get More Guests to Your Party Using Email Invites!

    Want to drive even more guests to your parties this holiday season? We've added a special callout to all email party invites encouraging guests to bring a friend or two! Guests are invited to use the new RSVP button to forward the party event link on your mythirtyone.com website.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please encourage guests not to forward the actual party invite email. Each party email invite is created especially for the guest the email was sent to. To invite additional friends to the party, guests must use the RSVP button on your mythirtyone.com website.

    ~ Outlet Sale

    We’ve been pleased to offer outlet sales at this time of year, and we know you and your Customers look forward to them. We aren’t sharing when the next outlet sale will be but we do have details to share with you now:

    Just a few weeks ago, we shared with you an update to our Outlet Sale policy and since then, we have been doing some work on the back end of things for YOU, and we have an update to the update!

    We WILL be counting volume towards your Personal Volume, team sales, activity, qualifications and incentives during the upcoming Outlet Sale. This is along with paying commissions and overrides.

    We are currently still fine-tuning the details on the upcoming Outlet Sale (like the date!), so stay tuned to ThirtyOneToday later in the month for the scoop.

    ~ Spring 2014 Product Premiere Wait-list

    Celebration is in the air, as we get closer to our Spring 2014 Product Premiere being held Saturday, December 7!

    Wait-lists have been added to several of our sold out theaters.Our teams are hard at work getting approvals for more seating in theaters. Registering on the wait-list helps us know where additional seating may be needed. If we’re not able to add seating to your location, your $20 registration fee will be refunded.

    Register soon so you don’t miss out on all the fun! Registration ends at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, November 20.

    If you have any questions, contact us at ordersupport@thirtyonegifts.com.

    It's RECOGNITION time...

    Sooooo very proud of all of you ladies and your hard work!!!!!!! Great Job!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    TIPS from ~ Yours Truly:

    Booking :

    "To get bookings AT THE PARTY....BE that fun, uplifting, positive, person at the party, showing our products!! Don't feel like you have to give gifts, play a bunch of games, etc. etc. etc. You just want the guest there to think, "I'd LOVE for her to come do a party for me". Show them our products and maybe touch on a couple different uses for each (so you relate to different types of people) and just make it an "enjoyable" time. THEN when it's time for check out.....ASK EVERY GUEST at the party, "hey whatcha think about hosting a party yourself? You had fun tonight right?" DON'T wait for THEM to say, I think I wanna have a party!! Because the ones that WANT to host, WILL, and maybe there are some who really never thought about it until YOU ask THEM...Try this...it JUST may surprise you!!!!"

    Selling :

    "The bulk of your business will come from selling at the parties. What can you do to ensure that your customers are getting the most at your parties? I try to get them involved in the party by interacting. You can call this a party with a purpose! For the next few months I will tell them that my goal for them is to be their one stop Personalized Gift Specialist. They can sit back and I’ll help them come up with the best gift for anyone on their list. Then ask them to start writing down their shopping list. Once they have their list written down, have them give you a few examples. Ask them for the age of a person and one thing about them. Then you can show them, and the rest of your guests, a great gift item for someone of that age. You could even have everyone go to your display and shop. They are to pick out two items for someone on their shopping list. Then they will go around the room and explain what they picked and why. Everytime they suggest something or have a different idea, give them a card. The person with the most cards at the end will win a prize. Try to get your guests engaged?"


    Be intentional about recruiting your hostess!!!

    Try to get several bookings at the party and then talk to the hostess about trying it out. I say something like, "3 of your friends already want to have a party so what do you have to lose?" I let her have the bookings since they are her friends anyway and then she is pretty much set to qualify.

    ~Casey Hirtz

    SHARE YOUR "WHY"....Why did you join Thirty-One??

    "I think as a seasoned consultant it's important to reconnect with your "why?" To get back to basics and as a new consultant to kind of dig deep and point out why you invested in this journey? My why has changed so much as I've grown as a consultant and into leadership, I would love to hear others. "

    ~Amanda Huff


    ...DON'T be afraid to share it with EVERYONE!!