Another Day In Paradise

A Trip To The Maldives (Enter The Raffle) Trip For Four

The Trip Will Include The Following

- A Trip For 4 People

- Round Trip Tickets

- Rental Car

- Rental Of The Living Space

- Free 5 Star Restaurant Dining (Of All Ages)

- All Activities Free

- (If You Win The Raffle)

Your Round Trip Tickets

The Tickets For Four People Will Cost A Total Of $21,854.88 Through JustFly. 1st Class. With 2 Stops On The Way There And 1 On The Way Back. 5/06/2015 - 5/31/2015
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House You Will Be Staying In

Reethi Rah Is A Little House Off In The Little Islands. It Cost $7,390 A Night Through Gabitz. So Will Cost For Full Trip Time $177,360.

Climate & Vegetation

It Has A Warm Tropical Weather All Year Round, Even During The Wet Seasons Ranging Between 77 F & 88 F. The Vegetation Marine Life, Any Seafood Thinkable.
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Activities & Sites

They Have Scuba And Water Sports Lastly Shark Diving All Together They Cost A Little Over

$1,500 And We Will Supplie You As Many Times As You Want.

Rental Boat

Your Boat Will Be Your Way Of Getting Around The Maldives. It Cost About $200.00 A Day And You Will Have It The Entire Time You Are There So It Would Have Costed A Total Of $5,000.
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A Total Cost Of The Trip Would Have Been Anywhere From $205,690.88 To $241,714.88 So Enter To Win