video game violence

see how the fun video games for some can bad for others

My research question is, Does video game violence change the behavior in teenagers? While researching I learned that a person can play video games and actually “check out” and not realize how long they have played. I also read about a guy named Jared Padgett who was terribly affected by playing violent video games. And, finally, my research covered how many deaths there are because of viewing violent video games.

Teenagers can doze off in a video game and play it for longer than it seems to them. If they doze off it can be 14 hours before they realize it. Playing the violent video games for that long can make the heart rate go up and other negative body effects.

On June 10, 2014, 15 year old, Jared Padgett shot and killed a 14 year old peer in school with an assault rifle after that he killed himself with the same weapon. Jared like to play first person shooters like Grand Theft Auto, Modern Warfare, and Halo. People think that the video games are the reason he did this.

For every soldier killed in Afghanistan in a 11 year period 13 kids in America were killed because of video games. Video games are meant to be fun not deadly but they often have deadly results.

Heres a website where I got some information.