Presented by Cesar Toro

Brief Job Description

  • A physicist is a scientist who specializes or works in the field of physics
  • Two types of physicists: experimental physicists and theoretical physicists
  • Physicists can also apply their knowledge towards solving real-world problems or developing new technologies

Required Training

  • Generally, the entry level training requirement is a doctoral degree
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Skills and Characteristics

  • The ability to think clearly and logically with good problem solving skills
  • a methodical approach to work
  • excellent communication and presentation skills

Typical Wages

  • $111,580
  • The average salary for an advance degree is $72,824
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Job Outlook

  • 7% increase in the number of jobs
  • This mean more jobs, more opportunity
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Professional Associations

  • American Physical Society (APS)
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Job Listing

  • Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) Department of Physic

  • Manage his/her own research program

  • A relevant PhD degree, an excellent track record in research and good communication skill are required