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March 2, 2016 Volume 6, Issue 11

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is in place to protect parents, guardians, and students. Teachers at GaVS are bound to follow this federal law. You can be confident that teachers and administrators at GaVS will not share your student's information, progress, or grades with any person that is not a part of their educational record. This means that tutors, siblings, grandparents, etc. cannot be updated about a student's progress. If you are in a situation where you would like to provide an outside person with access to your student's educational record, you can forward that information to them. If there is a guardian change for the student, that information needs to be updated in the parent portal by the parent on record. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Spring Break

GaVS Spring Break is April 4 - 8. If your face-to-face school Spring Break does not align with ours, you are still responsible for meeting all GaVS due dates. Please contact your teacher to arrange a schedule that will allow you to enjoy your break. You may need to work ahead to ensure that due dates are met.

GaVS Late Policy

Assignments at GaVS are given on a daily basis. Your student has a calendar with assignments on it for each school day. Not every day will the student be turning in work, but everyday there is a topic for the student to study or review. Even though assignments are given daily, they are not actually due until the Assignments Due Date. I highly recommend that your student submit work throughout the two-week period. This will enable me to grade it, offer feedback, and for the student to learn from that feedback.

The Assignments Due Date occurs every other Thursday at midnight. Work submitted after midnight is penalized per the GaVS late policy. The late policy is outlined below: Work submitted after midnight through the end of the day Sunday after the ADD is penalized 10%. Work submitted on Monday after the ADD is penalized 20%. Work submitted on Tuesday after the ADD is penalized 30%. Work is not accepted after the Tuesday following the ADD.

It is important to realize that working behind has a domino effect on the grade, the calendar, and the content. Please encourage your student to work ahead to avoid late penalties and last minute emergencies.

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Next Assignments Due Date

The next Assignments Due Date is March 13. All students have all work that is assigned on the calendar from March 2 - 13 due by midnight on Friday, March 10. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit work! You're missing out on an opportunity to read feedback and gain insight about your assignments, which will help increase your grade.

Dial My Calls

You may receive a recorded phone call from me via Dial My Calls. This service allows me the opportunity to communicate with a group of parents very quickly. If you receive this call, feel free to either email me or return the phone call at a time convenient for you.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Now: Registration for Summer 2015 is open.
  • April 4-8: Spring Break
  • May 4-5: Final Exams
  • May 6 : Last day of school
  • May 12: Final grades released
  • June 6: 6-week Summer Session begins
  • June 10: Last day to pay for Summer courses
  • June 13: 5-week Summer Session Begins
  • July 14: Final Exams
  • July 15: All classes end
  • July 21: Final Grades Released

Weekly Office Hours

Wednesday, March 2nd, 4pm

This is an online event.

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