Then and Now

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Russia's Flag

The Flag is a tricolor flag. It was first used "as an ensign for Russian merchant ships." The flag became official as the flag of Tsardom of Russia in 1696.

Country Facts

  • Abbreviation: RU
  • Capital: Moscow
  • Largest City: Moscow, Moscow with a pop. of: 10.381,222
  • Area: 6.602 million square miles
  • Population: 143.5 million
  • National Anthem: State Anthem of the Russian Federation
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Physical Characteristics of Russia

Russia spreads over "one-tenth" of Earth's land. One of the major mountain ranges in Russia are the Urals. The Urals run through western Russia, they run from the coast of the Arctic Ocean to the Ural river and northwestern Kazakhstan. There are "about 100,000" rivers in Russia! Some of the major rivers are the Volga. The Volga River runs through the middle of Russia and empties into the Caspian Sea. Some bordering nations of Russia are: Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, and Mongolia.

Communism In Russia

The Russian Revolution started communism, also around the time the Soviet Union started. Communism was the ideas of Karl Marx. He believed that everyone should be equal and everyone should share equally. (Below is the flag of Communism in Russia.) Communism ended in Russia in 1991. That's when the people of Russia voted in their first democratic election.
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Some of The Great Czars of Russia

  • Ivan The Terrible- He was the very first Czar of Russia. He organized the Streltsy, which were guardsmen, to govern his districts. In his years of ruling he killed thousands of people, that's where he gets his name.
  • Peter The Great- He ruled in the 1600's. He also ruled the Tsardom of Russia, and the Russian Empire
  • Alexander II- He was the emperor of Russia. Alexander II tried to liberalize Russia. He also abolished serfdom in 1861.
  • Nicholas II- Nicholas II was the last czar of Russia. His reign saw the fall of Imperial Russia.

Ivan The Terrible

He was the first czar.

Economy of Russia

  • Russia has a mixed economy.
  • Some crops that are grown are: grain, fruits, vegetables, beef, and milk.
  • Mining industries, and machine industries are also located in Russia.
  • Exports in Russia are: natural gases, chemicals, and petroleum.
  • Imports in Russia: pharmaceutical products, machinery, plastic, iron, and steel.

Current Events In Russia

  • Ukrainian and Russian troops "in Crimea are in a tense standoff." Russian troops were sent of to protect its people. People in Russian troops were involved in some kind of exercises. The exercises that were done, spread fear that Russia was preparing its armies to full on attack Ukraine. Ukraine violated a rule, in which they will no longer receive discounted gas.

Places to Visit

  • The Golden Ring- These are onion domed churches that are famous for their monasteries.
  • Volga Cruise- You can cruise down the Volga River.
  • Trans-Siberian Railway- You travel around Eurasia.
  • Lake Baikal is one of the deepest lakes in Russia. It is a very beautiful sight to see.
  • Kazan- It is the oldest capital city in Russia.