July Tasks

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Nonhle is from Chatsworth, unfortunately I found out that she is pregnant from an assistant that has already being removed because they were sleeping together, Only now they came to confess, we spoke with both of them, me and my husband. But I have already spoken to Solange about her situation.

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Marriage is under attack and it needs to be protected, that's why I chose to read BulletProof Marriage Book, it helped me to understand our differences, how a male mind is different from a female mind. Also it helped me when I am conselling the people from Love School.

  • Practice makes perfect. Applying the tools to my marriage will make it always strong and happy.
  • Identified the treats.
  • Understood our Baggages.
  • Learned about "ceasing fire" respect, self-control and consideration.
  • Balance is fundamental in a relationship, the husband cannot be the centre of the universe.
  • He has a box for everything whilst we have all boxes connected.
  • My basics needs and his needs.
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Friend Like Sister

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My Friend like sister is Mrs Moipone, she is very sweet. I am loving to get to know her better.

"There is a magnet in our hearts that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when we learn to live for others, they will live for us. "