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Class of 2023's Fabulous Learning!!!

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Welcome Reid!

Reid joined our classroom this month. He moved to Bloomer from Edison and he has been a great addition to our classroom!

January Citizen of the Month

Congratulations to Jaxson for being chosen Citizen of the Month. He can always be found following the Bloomer expectations. He is trustworthy, responsible and makes smart choices all day long. He exhibits self control in the classroom. He is able to control his actions when others around him are struggling to do the right thing. He is definitely not a follower.

Jaxson makes a difference at Bloomer everyday by being a positive influence to his friends. He always has a smile on his face and will politely greet you in the hallway.

Parent-Teacher Conferences Were a Hit!!

Conferences were a hit this go around! Thanks to every parent who took the time to visit either in person, through email or on the phone with me about your child's progress. Your involvement shows through your child's scores! Many students are scoring in the Proficient range in all areas because they know you care about their education! Thanks for allowing me to spend the year with your child!!

Math Workshop

January brought more new learning in Math as we explored multiplying fractions by whole numbers, mixed numbers and by other fractions. Coming up in February we will be working with dividing fractions!

We still need lots of work on multiplying and dividing larger numbers accurately!

The 3rd District Math assessment of the year is coming up in a few weeks! This assessment measures student growth on standards all year long. After the first assessment only 1 student was Proficient, after the 2nd assessment we had 5 students scoring in the Proficient range. I can't wait to see how many more move up!

Continue to work on reviewing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts at home. We are discovering that knowing them fluently makes our daily work so much easier. There are many apps and websites out there to help practice these facts.

Reading and Writing Workshops

Reading fluency is a major part of comprehension. The faster your child can read the words on the page, the better their comprehension of the story is. The January goal for 5th grade is 150 words per minute. The goal for the end of the year is 160 words per minute.

Mrs. Danker checked in on our progress and 16 of us met the proficiency mark for this time....a few others were very close! Please keep practicing at home! A way to practice at home is to set a timer (microwave) for 1 minute. Read a piece of text and mark where you're at when the timer goes off. Reset the timer and reread the same piece of text trying to get farther this time.

We just wrapped up a fun genre to study, historical fiction! The kids loved learning about history as they read some amazing books. We're just getting started on writing our historical fiction stories for the District Writing Assessment. Stay tuned as we move on to learning about memoirs and writing one as well. We'll be sharing our memoirs with you at the Promise to Succeed Ceremony in the Spring.

Science and Social Studies

We have been practicing the character trait of self-control all around Bloomer. It's very important to us to get good at it since we are the role models of the school!

In Science we spent time exploring matter and the idea of conservation of mass through a few fun experiments. Ask your child what happens to the mass (weight) of an object when it changes states (solid, liquid, gas).

Safety Patrol Schedule

Here are the Safety Patrol schedules for the the next few weeks. Remember that if your child is on patrol they are needed at school by 8:30 each morning and will remain on duty until 3:45. If there is an emergency and your child will need a sub to fill in for them, please email me so I can let Mr. Sortino know.

Upcoming Events in 5th Grade

Rose Theater - Week of February 22nd

Bloomer Book Fair - Week of February 29th

All City Music Festival at TJ - March 18th -- sack lunch from home or school is needed

5th Grade Career Fair at MAC - Tuesday April 12th

Iowa Assessments - Week of April 25th

Promise to Succeed Ceremony - TBA - WILL NEED A NICE OUTFIT

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