Collected Resources for Year 5

There are consequences to individuals and communities when conflict occurs.

-Conflict can arise in many different situations

-Conflict can cause people to be displaced

-Conflict resolution is our responsibility

Favorite Webpages:

Here are some useful sites:

The rights of a child:

UNICEF: Rights of a Child:

Refugee Crisis:

UNHR Lessons and Resources:

Lesson Plans: Connections with Carly{d2f991c5-a4fb-4767-921f-a9452b12d742}/TC_ELEM_LP_12OCT11.PDF

Against All Odds: Video Game:

Minimum Wage Graphic Organizer:

LEGO Poster:

How Does It Feel:

Photo Gallery for Refugees:

Chinese Factory Worker Images:

Book to consider:

Report on child labor at a gold mine:


Mrs. Alvarez's blog which reflects on Rights and Responsibilities:

World Watch:

United Nations:


Amnesty International:

MIGRATION resources:

Personal Experiences logged:

Irish potato famine (there are HEAPS of resources, just don't remember them all)

The migration of Afghani people to australia

Migration of Chinese people to Hong Kong etc during the war

Videos that could be useful:

The Big Snit
Elbow room: Distances.
Carly, A Refugee's Story
BBC News Syria crisis Child refugees reach 'one million'
Syria Crisis: One Million Refugee Children
A Child's Workday in the Burkina Faso Gold Mine
BETTER QUALITY -- A New Haven: The Story of a Refugee in the Elm City
Radiohead, MTV EXIT and USAID - All I need
"Do You See What I See?" - Refugee Children Photograph Their Own Lives
Serbia: Dreams of a Better Life. The Story of Miljo Miljic, a Refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bangladesh: A Life on Hold. The Story of Noor Jahan, a Refugee from Myanmar
Kid rides a zip line to school
Yellow Boat Project (
Patel: The Generation Food Project

Collected by Debbie Alvarez