President Jackson Like or Hate him

Come see what President Jackson does when you are not around

Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson didn't like the natives and wanted to get rid of them. The reason is that Georgia had gold and wanted them to go west of the Mississippi River. Bu the Natives wouldn't listen. The Natives follow their own law not federal they are independent.

Trail of Tears

Jackson ordered his soldiers to move the Natives to Oklahoma. They moved for days, some of them died due to starvation, low water, and the cold. When they got to Oklahoma they had to make new crops and homes. The climate was horrible dead grass, trees, and plants.

Battle of New Orleans

The British were defeated over 2,500 were killed. But only 200 Americans were killed. The British attacked New Orleans to stop the trade with Mississippi. Jackson gathered people to defend the city that helped him get elected couple years later.

Letter to the editor President Jackson needs to got

Dear, Editor I will be talking to you today about how good of a leader President Jackson is. Two events come to mind. The Indian Removal Act, was a horrible act because all Andrew Jackson wanted was to get rid of the Native Americans so that he could dig for precious Gold. He did not care about us and what it would do to my people. Another event was the Trail of Tears, Andrew Jackson had his soldiers move my people to a place called Oklahoma. It was horrible because it was cold, there was barely any food and all the grass and plants and grass were dead. My people were starving. For these reasons, President Jackson was a horrible leader and broke many promises to my people.


Degataga, Cherokee Indian

Letter to the editor all in favor for President Jackson

Dear, Editor I will be talking to you today about how good of a leader President Jackson is. Three events come to mind. The Indian Removal Act, Andrew Jackson wanted to expand Georgia's economy by mining for gold this would provide jobs and money to the Americans. Another event the Trail of Tears, as a soldier we assisted the moving the Natives to Oklahoma. We assisted them the best we could. Thirdly the Battle of New Orleans, Jackson gathered and led many people to defend the city of New Orleans. Jackson's leadership was that know matter how bad the circumstances were, President Jackson never gave up and motivated us soldiers to fight for our country.


John Smith, U.S. Soldier

Andrew Jackson Cartoon

Jackson was a strong man he was not born to lead or born rich he was born as a normal man. He always got in fights and gun duels. He got shot 6 times from gun duels. People saw him as a leader maybe you heard of the Battle of New Orleans he's the one who gathered all those people.