Fluffy Funcakes

Courtney Frederick

Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas: We am selling pancakes. These pancakes are gluten free, fat free and they are also vegan. Also, if you or your friends or kids are allergic to anything. You can choose what toppings you want and don't want, and they will be made on the spot. You wont find very many other places like this any where around the world. We have a few competitors but they don't do anything like this.

2. Raising Capital: I have put $6,000 dollars of my own money into the business. We have gotten a 2,000 from friends and family, and a loan of 2,500 from the bank. We still have money left over but are using that to help with the little things around our business.

3. Employee & Training: When we hire people to make the pancakes we have them make us there best cuisine they can make in 30 minutes. If its good, we have them make one of our gluten free pancakes. If its bad, we still have them make a pancake because maybe they are better at making pancakes. They have to be at least of age to have a job, unless we feel otherwise. When we hire people to wait people, they just have to be of age and actually likes the job. We are not a full size restaurant so we don't need many people.

4. Buying Goods and Services: Cleaning supplies came with the building, and we get food supplies, like fresh fruit and vegetables from the nearest, freshest food market.

5. Marketing Goods and Services: We advertise through the social networking cites and from social people themselves. We have one commercial we use to put on televisions and the radio but we don't need much else.

6. Maintaining Business Records: We have an app on our phones that we keep track of our sales and taxes and so fourth on. We keep track of customer information in a little agenda type book that says there name and what they usually come in to eat, so when the waitors come up to them they already know what they want. If they try something new, we wright it down and ask when they're done if they liked it or not and keep track of that.

Business Entity

Proprietorship. I choose this entity because it's easy to start and only one person has to make it. It's only me in the business so i don't need to have partnership or any other.

Advantages - It's easy to make, and only one person has to manage it.

Disadvantages - I will have to pay all of the bills because i have no one else managing the business with me, and I would have to be all alone with the payments and taxes and so fourth.

Business Goals

1. Increasing Profits

2. Cutting Costs

3. Improving Human Relations

4. Improving Efficiency

5. Improve Healthy Eating

Mission Statment

  • teach people about how eating better could help you in your life
  • start to get people to make more healthier foods
  • get people to like foods that are better for you