Love, Aubrey

Jenna Gay

Brief Summary

Aubrey is an 11 year old girl who lost her sister and father in a car accident. Later one morning her mother, unable to hold in the grief left Aubrey to fend for herself until her loving grandmother shows up at her door. Now Aubrey is wanting to find out why her mother decided to leave her


  • Aubrey Priestly (main character)
  • Gram (Aubrey's Grandmother)
  • Aubrey's Mom (Elizabeth or Lissie)
  • Amy (School Guidance Counselor)
  • Bridget (Aubrey's Bestfriend)

Character Analysis For Aubrey

Trait 1: Brave

Aubrey didn't call anyone when she found out that her mom left her to fend for herself.

Trait 2: Determined

She wants to find her mom and wonder why she left her.

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Quote From Or About The Character

" Sometimes I wonder if life is all about one moment. Everything before and everything after is about that one moment, and we are all stuck there."


The theme for this book is that you should never give up, keep moving forward, don't remember the wrongs when someone you mean a lot to comes back to you again.

Important Event

A couple days after Aburey's mom left, her grandma came knocking at her front door
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I would be highly recommend this book for youngers girls and teens. Would not recommended for boys.