Human Development Final Exam

Blain Ouellette


What is child Psychology? Study on the mind and behavior of children from prenatal development through adolescence.

What does a child psychologist study? They examine patterns from children dealing with learning disabilities to severe mental illness.

What career options are open to child psychologists? Salary? Career opportunities include clinical studies, counseling, school and education with the average median salary of $66,114.

Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow was a Jewish Brooklyn boy that enrolled into law school at an astonishing age of 17, to find it was not for him. His love for psychology led him first into the study of human sexuality. Maslow's psych theory The Hierarchy of Needs was known as "A Theory of Human Motivation." He wanted to understand what exactly motivates people, unrelated to rewards or unconscious desires.
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

People are motivated to achieve certain needs and once it has been met a person seeks to fulfill the next one. Basic needs were said to have motivated people when they are unmet. Maslow's model was a five level tier with psychological basic needs at the bottom and progressing to the highest level of self-actualization. In life progression is often disrupted by failure to meeting lower level needs. His theory has been criticized based upon the fact that peoples idea of a need varies. What one person could find a need another could find to be a luxury.

Relation To Class

Maslow's hierarchy of Needs relates to decision making that we have talked about in class. You need the assess your options when making choices and think about the future. Sometimes the timing just isn't right and you're not ready for the decision your'e about to make.

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