12/15/20 Academic Affairs Brief

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This Brief Includes:

  • Final Grades Due Sunday
  • COVID-19 Follow Up Reflection Survey

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As a reminder, final grades are due Sunday, December 18. Please watch this quick 2 min video on how to submit and confirm your submission of final grades. We appreciate faculty making every effort to get their final grades in by Sunday. This semester there is an especially short window between when grades are submitted and Academic Recovery or Suspension letters are issued. Please help us in getting these important notices out to students before the winter holiday break for staff.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many aspects of our work and everyday life. Please consider completing this new 10 question reflection survey about your experiences with COVID-19 for documentation in the Champlain College Archives, which will be open for submissions through January. By submitting your written reflections and/or images, you will contribute invaluable perspectives not captured in news articles, social media posts, or official emails. You can share your name or remain anonymous. We will not only be archiving your responses for future reference but will be sharing some of them out publicly as we receive them. Please add your voice to this important moment in our history. This is a follow-up to the survey that ran in April and May, but you can complete it whether or not you participated in the spring.

We have also developed a survey for Trad and CCO students and ask that you encourage your students to participate. Please share this survey link with them.