Monday Minutes

April 24, 2017

Thank Yous and Celebrations

  • SPED Department, thank you for administering and preparing materials for STAAR-Alt Testing! STAAR-Alt is finished!

  • Thank you to Becky, Johnny, and Krysta for attending this weekend's Job Fair! We couldn't have done it without you!!

  • Thank you, Dalia, for providing us with Job Fair table decorations!

  • Andi, thank you for leading us to see how much we have to be thankful for with your Gratitude Tree!

  • For washing those lab coats EVERY WEEK-thank you Becky!

  • Many thanks to those of you who have already met for T-TESS EOY Conferences! We appreciate your preparedness and reflection prior to the meeting!

  • Thank you to the Bethany Bear Beginnings volunteers!

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  • April 26 - IWK Meetings, Bethany Bear Beginnings at 5:30 pm
  • April 27 -1st Grade Music Program at 6:30 pm; Progress Reports go home
  • April 28 - Tier 2 Documentation due to Erin; Color Run at 5:15 pm


  • May 1-5 - Scholastic BOGO Book Fair; Teacher Appreciation Week!!!
  • May 1 - Monday Morning Assembly; Morning Meetings Begin!
  • May 3 - TL Meeting
  • May 8 - STAAR Testing (3rd and 4th Grade Math; 5th Grade Math Retakes)
  • May 9 - STAAR Testing (3rd and 4th Grade Reading; 5th Grade Reading Retakes)
  • May 10 - STAAR Testing (5th Grade Science); National School Nurse Day
  • May 11 - STAAR MakeUp Testing; Kid Talk Meetings
  • May 12 - STAAR MakeUp Testing

Morning Meeting Calendar

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Summer Elementary Academy

The Summer Elementary Academy (SEA) Catalog has been posted. This year, teachers will NO LONGER need to sign up through MLP. All sessions will be available on a first come, first serve basis at Rice Middle School. If you want to use these courses to fulfill your FLEX Hours for next school year, be sure it aligns to your T-TESS Goal for next year.

Looking for Professional Development to Satisfy your 7.5 Personal Flex Hours? Here are some ideas:

  • Participate in the apple teacher program, to complete badges which will help you become more proficient with your iPads and some of the Apple Apps in one or more of the following: iPad, Pages for iPad, Productivity with iPad, and Creativity with iPad. Website is 1 Badge = 1 hour PD credit

  • Earn digital badges that relate to your T-TESS goal from the district's badges website Please negotiate credit hours with Bryan, but typically 1 badge = 15 - 30 minutes.

  • Join a PISD Goal Group that directly ties to your T-TESS goal: Amount of PD credit is determined based on how much you participate. Most goal group participants will receive 1.5 hours of PD credit.

  • Register for an Elementary Special Education class at Most classes are equal to 1.5 hours of Professional Learning Credit.

Bethany Strategy of the Week: Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

Bethany's Quote of the Week

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