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2013 Bay Port Yearbooks

2013 yearbooks are sold directly through Jostens. Please call 1-866-282-1516 or go to their website: and order your yearbook by April 15, 2013.
How much are yearbooks?


When do we get our yearbooks?

Yearbook Distribution always occurs during Open House in August from 4-7p.m. After this date, students should pick up yearbooks during Picture Day. After this date, yearbook editors will do their best to deliver to underclassmen during the school day. Graduated seniors who do not attend Open House can pick up their yearbook from the front office beginning the second week in September. Autograph pages and pre-ordered packages are distributed the last week in May for student signatures.

Why does it take so long to get our yearbooks?

The Bay Port yearbook includes the entire year's worth of events, from the first day of school through graduation. If we want to capture everything, we need a later distribution date. Most yearbooks in the area schools follow this format.