Isle de Alacris

Ashlyn and Anthony

Our title translates to "Island of Happiness" because our Island is a very happy paradise.

Land features

Land- Water, Mountains, foothills,
Climate- Slightly colder than average, often rains
Environment- More rural with an urban town center
resources- veggies, meats, water, marine creatures
We farm, preserve water, build houses in mountains

Life in Isle De Alacris

The people in our utopia fish and farm. The younger people work in the town center and the older people work at the import/export station along the docks. Our society does not use physical money, instead a microchip inside the citizens hand that keeps count of their funds. These funds are spent on anything they please as our 10 percent flat rate tax automatically comes out of the microchip. if they fail to meet the ability to pay for themselves their microchip is deactivated and they are promptly evicted from our island. Everyone travels by water powered cars because of our dependence on water. Our society requires a prior education and has an entrance exam that must be passed with at least 80 percent accuracy. There is a school for children created in our society that goes k through 8 but after then they are to learn a trade and become apprentices. We are very self reliant but import finished products such as laquered chairs and soaps. Due to the money system we use our biggest issue are those that attempt to spend more to pay less taxes however if the math is done correctly this issue really isnt an issue, it just represents our citizens wages incorrectly. Our utopia is a paradise.

The Government

Our government is a monarchy, Ashlyn and I rule over everything and solve all major disputes. I have final say however if we disagree. people are informed by weekly and emergency bulletins, dispersed on saturday for the following week. emergency bulletins are dispersed immedietly however. We do ask for people to send us recommendations the year after they arrive on our island to tell us about their experience so far.

We expect people to do their jobs, we expect honesty, we expect manners and decency. Members of our society are to conduct themselves in a way that does not bother others. If someone is an annoyance they will be put on probation(which is explained later.) Our laws are simple and are punished accordingly for example. If someone should steal, they will be deported. If they should kill they will be deported and then killed. If they should cheat they will deported. Laws are enforced by the R.D.M.A.C.L.E.(Robotic Department of Military Action and Citizen Law Enforcement)These are programmed machines that look Large mechanical dogs. They swarm in packs and collect the Criminal who is then brought to Ashlyn and I. we then pass judgement upon the person.

Our society is very detached from anything on the outside and is fully capable of dealing with invaders. Our advanced technologies destroys opposers. Over all we believe in creativity and the right to defending your own beliefs as long as thery dont conflict with the laws of our society. Because of the entrance exam, everyone is intelligent, the R.D.M.C.L.E. however deals with disputes by bringing the people to us for our final descision.

The Pledge

Our citizens are expected to memorize our pledge of allegiance to their queen and their king. They will repeat the following daily at 12:00 P.M. and are expected to do so accurately and methodically.

Behold Thy Love, Thy Asylum!

Avast! Worry Is At An End!

Lest We Forsake Our Freedom In This Land!

We Praise Our King And Queen Again!