My Work Last Term

By Rosie

Newspaper Article

In class last term we read the book Little House in the Big Woods and wrote a newspaper article about it.

Early Thursday morning a meeting was called. Most of the women in Walnut Grove came to the Ingalls residence, and discussed the harvest. The night before, rain poured down in Walnut Grove, everywhere. Unfortunately the crops were ready to harvest but were flattened and wrecked due to the rain. We know there were some high hopes for that money.

You might find it strange that only women went to the Ingalls, but you might not be aware that many men are working in the mines, trying desperately to get money. All the women decided to still harvest all the grain and still get all the money. They worked hard using their bare hands for weeks on end. They finally finished all the work by themselves and got all the money they hoped for. Girl Power!

By Rosie

This is my Glogster. It is a comparison of Wisconsin America and NSW Australia


This is the mosaic I made in art. We hade to use tiles and smashed cups to make the picture.

Artwork Review

In art last term we chose an artwork by a famous artist and reviewed it.

Princess Tiana

Who is the artist? Khoa Huynh

What is the artwork called? Princess Tiana

Why did the artist create this work? Because he enjoys making cartoon characters in a mosaic form.

When you look at the mosaic do you view the same as the artist? I think the artwork should be at the movies looking at the movie she is in.

Describe the artwork? The artwork is of Princess Tiana made of numerous random photos. It is very colourful and eye catching.

This is my Text types glogster. It has my narrative, limerick and recount.