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About Me

I am a 14 year old female born on April 26, 2002. I love many things including : My father, reading, writing, art, singing, and cheering. I am a cheerleader. I am also a huge fangirl/nerd whatever you wanna call it. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I am 5'6" weigh 127.7 pounds. That's a little about me.

Turtles Restaurant Review

This restaurant is located in Morris, Illinois. I give this place a 10 out of 10. The steak is simply divine.
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If I won $10,000, what would I do with it

If I was to win $10,000 the first thing I would do is go buy some books. Then I would use the rest of the money to take me and my best friend Courtney Snider to go see our favorite author Cassandra Clare. She wrote "The Mortal Instruments". If their was money left over I would buy some shelter pets.

My advice to people who are bullied.

If you are being bullied please talk to some one. Find a parent, teacher or trusted adult. Don't just leave the issue to get worse. Don't let other people fight your battle but rather stop it at its source.

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How To Pay It Forward

1.) Always be kind to people, even if they are different.

2.) Listen and pay attention when people are talking.

3.)Babysit for free if the family is in need.

4.) Buy others people groceries.

5.) Give a sincere compliment.

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If I could change the world, what would I change.

NO RACISM!!!!!! I say this because racism is a horrible thing. Under God's eye we are all the same and we should honor that. It doesn't matter the color of your skin or your religion. We all have blood, muscle, determination, and belief. That's all we need to be equal.
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Cheer Sport Great White Sharks International Open 5 Run 1

The Great White Sharks

This is a cheer team I hope to join. They are stationed in Canada and have won worlds two times in a row. They are very good.