Evan Greenberg

What is Neo- Nazism?

Neo- Nazism is the idea of bringing the idea of being a Nazi to present day. Neo- Nazism had no logical political ideology, which means they don't know how present day political parties work, they base their ideas on the past. Just like regular Nazism, Neo- Nazism focuses on the idea of someones discomfort.

Nazis Today

Nazis are Still Alive!

Neo-Nazism has the same believes as the former Nazis, such as nationalism & racism.

In the U.S.A. Neo-Nazi groups still exist today. Neo-Nazis are allowed in America because of the 1st amendment allowing them freedom of speech. Neo-Nazis are allowed to protest freely, but have been found beating and harassing Jews. In Europe the number of Neo-Nazis is much higher. A major problem that has led to more Neo-Nazi groups is the Holocaust denial. Particular concern in Germany is the number of Neo-Nazi’s is rising. Even though Neo-Nazism is banned the number of members continues to rise. The number of people who deny the Holocaust is rising today. Because the number of Neo-Nazis is rising it is important to remember the horrors of the Holocaust.

10 Interesting Facts!

  • can be recognized by shaven heads

  • began in the early 70s in england

  • their style and behavior was meant to symbolize toughness

  • in the mid 70s and 80s the movement began to spread throughout Europe

  • today the neo nazis are in 33 countries and 6 continents

  • nicknamed as “skinheads”

  • the idea of them being living the gang lifestyle gives them a sense of power
  • "led" by Adolf Hitler
  • Hitler was born in Austria
  • Hitler & his wife killed themselves in an underground bunker

What I Learned

Over the course of this week, I learned about Neo-Nazism. I learned that we should be more concerned because the thought of Nazism coming back today could become reality. Also, I leaned that Nazism is crazy in today's age because we left segregation back a long time ago and it should stay there and never come back.