United Nations Junior Ambassadors

Icahn Charter School 4

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The NYC Junior Ambassadors (NYCJA) program

The NYC Junior Ambassadors (NYCJA) program empowers students to become global ambassadors involved in actively addressing the pressing challenges of the world. Students direct their learning and engagement with the NYCJA program by learning about the structure and function of the UN and then determining a global issue--whether it is the Syrian refugee crisis, global warming, hunger, child labor, gender equality or any of the other myriad of issues contributing to human suffering around the globe--that they, as NYC seventh graders, will actively address. NYC Junior Ambassadors are then given support by their educators and partners at the United Nations to investigate, plan, and then act on the global issue that they have chosen to focus on. This is the second year of the NYC Junior Ambassadors program. Over 100 educators and educational programs applied to participate in the program for the 2016-2017 academic year: 20 educators and their students were selected.

Icahn Charter School 4’s seventh grade class is honored to have been selected to become NYC Junior Ambassadors.

Officially launched in November, as NYC Junior Ambassadors our students will:

  • learn about the structure and function of the United Nations

  • investigate and address a global issue or crisis

  • enjoy a curated tour of the United Nations

  • receive a visit from a United Nations ambassador

  • present their findings on the issue or crisis of their choice at a culminating ceremony

  • graduate from Junior Ambassadors to full-fledged ambassadors

As part of the NYC Junior Ambassadors, our students have already begun learning about the history, structure, and function of the United Nations. Students have begun exploring some of the issues facing our world through a series of different learning experiences such as research, group presentations, and security council simulations. Our students have researched and discussed issues such as the organs of the United Nations, and historic peacekeeping efforts in Iraq, Haiti, East Timor, and Somalia. In their security council simulations, our seventh graders have also researched the Syrian civil war, the resulting refugee crisis, and the impact of Boko Haram on Nigeria and other UN member nations.

1st COHORT 2017 - 2018

Security Council research

Security Council Research

Security Council Simulation

UN Junior Ambassador Security Council Simulation

Sustainable Education Goals

NYC Junior Ambassador Sustainable Education Goals

Junior Ambassadors Skype Session with Foreign Service Officer Leland Lazarus

January 9, 2017

Foreign Service Officer Leland Lazarus Q&A with 7th Grade

General Assembly

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Junior Ambassadors Visit the United Nations March1, 2017

H.E. Ambassador Laura Flores of Panama Visits our Junior Ambassadors June 14, 2017

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2nd Cohort 2018 - 2019

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Australian diplomat Visits Icahn Charter School 4

Ambassador Gillian Bird spoke to students at the Icahn Charter School about her role with the United Nations.

It’s all part of the NYC Junior Ambassadors program. It's operated by the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs. The program gives 7th graders across the city a chance to learn about the U.N. in hopes of inspiring young people to find solutions to global issues.

These kids focused on children’s rights and advocated against gun violence. They organized a school walkout and wrote a letter to President Trump. "It's really a rewarding opportunity to share what I am trying to achieve as an ambassador and to engage young people," said Gillian Bird, Ambassador of Australia to the United Nations. Officials say there are more than 500 students participating in the program. Each school receives a visit from an ambassador once a year. The students will also tour the U.N.

3rd Cohort 2018 - 2019

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Icahn 4 Junior Ambassadors featured in NYC for the Global Goals (0:48)

NYC for the Global Goals