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Week 15 Dec. 7th-Dec. 11th

***Parents please make sure you have your child read as well- they can access on G Classroom, our class website, or read through your email. Thank you!***
Hello Parents and Students!

We had a GREAT week of learning and a very exciting class party to end it all! Thank you Room Parents (Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Solomon) and all of the parents who donated and/or came in to help with the fun!

Next week is a review and assessment week. Students will take both district assessments (Unit 2 Division and Unit 3 ELA and Writing). We will continue with multiplication and division as well as review addition/subtraction when we return in January. I HIGHLY encourage students to practice their mental multiplication facts over the break (clear plastic, digital flashcards, online games, etc). They will have a math fact fluency assessment in January (not timed).

Notes and Reminders

  • Students will have a white envelope with their weekly work (Wednesday envelope but will now be our Friday envelope) sent home on Monday. Please look through work with your student and keep work at home. Assessments or anything hole punched stapled needs to be filed in binder.
  • Please remember the Homework Choice Options are definitely encouraged and they can earn extra credit Dixon dollars but not required. I want students to focus on the individual needs we discussed at parent conferences.
  • Spelling and Vocabulary- We do NOT have spelling or vocabulary words next week. However, please note students should be studying their words for homework and lists MUST remain in their binders.
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Class Donations Wish List

Just in case Santa asks ;) here are some things that are in high demand in Planet Dixon :)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • 2 more class mascots (beanie babies or small stuffed animal- my students LOVE Squirt and during the fall had a bat and turkey they added to the mix ;) They get to spend the day learning with it, then choose another student based on their 7 Habits.)
  • 2-3 Black Fitness Balls (used as a chair- read this article for more info) We have 1 big, 2 smaill, and they are a HOT commodity ;)
  • White card stock
  • Printer Ink (use for printing awards, centers, and so much more!)
  • Amazon card (for ink and class supplies)

Genius Hour

After brainstorming many questions students had, they finally have chosen the topic they are very passionate about for their Genius Hour Project. They will be researching for the next few weeks...they are very excited to do their project BUT we need to go through the research phase first (for them to become geniuses in it ;) so if they ask you if they can create/build at home, the answer is no! :)

Don't know what Genius Hour is? Please make sure to watch this quick intro video so you see the "what" and the "why" of students exploring their own passions and igniting curiosity through Genius Hour.

Bored over the break? Here are some FANTASTICALLY fun things you can do!

  • Practice Multiplication Math Facts! This is actually very important because you now should be memorizing your facts at this point in the year and will be assessed when we get back. You can use your clear plastic, practice with digital flashcards, or play all of the exciting online games!
  • Research your Genius Hour project (remember- NO working on projects can brainstorm but we are only in research phase now :)
  • Learn new Multimedia/Presentation tools (that you can use for your Genius Hour Project (go here and scroll down to presentation tools. Play around with them and learn something new!
  • CODE- Can you improve your coding skills?? Work on Google CS Storytelling, Art, and all of the coding resources on our website!

Coming Up

  • Friday- Minimum Day/Early Dismissal 12:55
  • Winter Break- Dec. 21st- Jan. 11th (Note: Monday 11th is a non school day due to District-wide Professional Development Day

Please click here to access our full calendar and check often.

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