Boston Red Soxs

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Fenway Park

Fenway Park was designed by archetect James Mclaughlin. The soxs won their first game at Fenway Park on April 20, 1912, defeating New York Highlanders 7-6 in 11 innings. The triangle in the center of the field is the deepest part of the ball park, standing 420 feet from home plate. Counting 1912 season , Sox's have played 8 world series games at Fenway Park. The foul ball screen behind home plate was the fist ever used in pro-baseball.

History of the Sox´s

When the Red Sox´s where assembled in 1901, they were known as the Pilgriams. In 1912 the name had been named the Red Sox , a referance to its players bright and nontraditional socks. Some of the World Series victories have been in 1915,1916 and 1918. Leading these victories was a new Boston star ; pitcher George Herman Ruth , better known as Babe. The Sox have not played a 16 inning game since April Fools day in 2003. Only 16 pitchers in club history have won more games for the Sox than Babe Ruth(89). The Sox have scored 20 or more runs in a game 16 times in their history, most recently on June 27, 2003.

Babe Ruth

He was born Feb 6, 1895 to the parents George and Katie Ruth.In 1914, Babe apeared in 5 games for the Sox, pitching in 4 of them. He won his major debut on July 11, 1914 however, due to a loaded roster , Babe was optional to the Sox minor leauge team. He became a permenat fixture in the Red Sox rotation in 1915, accumulating an 18-8 record with ERA of 2.44. Babe has displayed enomorus power in his limmited plate appeences , so it decided his bat was too good to be left out of the line up on a daily basis. As a result in 1918, the transistion began to turn babe into a everyday player. That year, he tied for the major league lead in home runs with 11, and followed that up by setting a single season home run record of 29 dingers in 1919. On December 26, 1916 , babe was sold to the New York Yankees and the two teams would never be the same again.

The Red Sox today

Before the 2015 season started, the Boston Red Sox were projected to win nearly 90 games this season with the best expected record in the American Leauge East according to each method. After all, Boston had won all 90 or more games in 11 of the 17 seasons leading up the 2015. But the Sox are coming off a 91-loss, last place season ranked as one of the worst in franchise history. The basic gist is this: A players batting , base running , fielding and pitching runs were projected as rate statistics for each season based on his age and a weighted average of his performences over the previous three seasons. Those rates were then applied to his actual playing time during the season in question , to get the number of runs above average he´d have been beforehand how much he´d play.