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Bag, jewelry, hats - Oh my!

We offer a vast variety of products including jewelry, bags, market totes, hats, and flip flops for the whole family! All products can be personalized for the recipient, affordable, and of great quality! You can shop online 365 days a year and we are open 24 hours. LilyBean & Baxter sells & ships in Canada and the US. Click the flag for the county you wish to buy/ship in! That easy. Let us be your one-stop shop!

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Malynda Ross - Partner

Let me help you personalize all the aspects of your life! We are given one life, so live it in your style! Contact me today to learn about specials, deals of the week, and so much more!

Malynda Ross

Queen by Malynda Ross

Why LilyBean & Baxter?

I love LilyBean & Baxter! The products are amazing! I have never been this satisfied with bags and organizers I have purchased from other companies. LB&B products have met my needs every time and on my shopping schedule. My customers have been overjoyed at their purchases from LB&B! The only thing better than the products themselves is selling them! I love the partner program that LB&B offers. There are no other affiliate programs that are set up like this one! Contact me today if you would like to learn more!