1960s Pop Art!

Pop art began in the 1950s but became clear in the 1960s

Pop art!

Pop artists favored realism and everyday imagery. They used a heathy dose of Irony and wit. There was a major shift for the direction of modernism. Pop artists celebrated commonplace objects & people. Pop artist searched for traces of the same trauma in the mediated world of advertising, cartoons & popular imagery at large.

Pop Artists.

The majority of Pop artists began in commercial art. Andy Warhol started work as a magazine illustrator and graphic designer. Ed Ruscha was also a graphic designer. James Rosenquist was a billboard painter, so he had to know how to paint. Their background trained them in the world of commercial art.

When it happened.

Pop art happened in the 1950s but became clear in 1960s. Pop art embraced the post-WWII manufacturing and media boom. It mainly started the post-war society.

Some of the most famous paintings:

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