Consumer Bill of Rights

By: Karolyn Anderson

Right to Choose

  • Given from a variety of goods/services

Right to Consumer Education

  • Understanding that actions buying products creates an interaction between a consumer to a producer and visa-versa.

Right to be Heard

  • Being able to complain to a restaurant
  • Being able to complain about a restaurant to to the FTC/Attorney General/Department of Consumer Affairs

Right to be Informed

  • Right to know what the product/service is
  • Right to know what the product will do for you

Right to Remedy

  • Being able to seek out legal remedies whenever problems occur

Right to Safety

  • Right to be safe from harm associated with using the bought products/services
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission sets safety standards/recalls dangerous products
  • FDA ensured food, drug & cosmetic products are properly labeled/not harmful to consumers

Right to Service

  • Receiving convenience, courtesy & responsiveness to problems & needs