Beautiful Music

Musical greetings

The students will be learning how to play recorders in the music classroom. They will be reading music and learning how to write their own music. They will learn how to listen to a melody and echo it back, learn how to play questions and answers on the recorder, and learn how to play many different pieces of music on the recorder.


The students will learn how to play recorder pieces using the notes B, A, G, E, C', D'.

Guaranteed to be fun

Frequently Asked Questions

Each student needs to have their own recorder. If your child was in Pine Tree last year, they should already have one. If your child needs one, they can buy one from the school for $5.00. We will be playing recorders for about six weeks. When we are finished, the students will be allowed to take them home.

Innovation Showcase

When our recorder unit is complete, we will be playing a few of our pieces at the Innovation Showcase at Pine Tree High School on March 18.