@YOURPSMSLibrary Vol 1: Issue 4

The #METC18 Edition--Highlights from METC18

Use VR (Virtual Reality) to do more than Google Expeditions

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The Liv Bits Blog

About Liv...

"I'm Liv and I'm 10-years old. I love all things shark and hope someday to be an ichthyologist. I'm also a lover of books, ballet and an advocate for digital citizenship and student voice on social media. I use Instagram, Vimeo, and Twitter to share my passions through positive social media posts. I am also an ambassador for the Gills Club, an organization promoting girls in science through inquiry-based experiences meant to grow enthusiasm and activism for sharks and ocean life.
My work on LivBits has been featured all over the world, including conferences in Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, and England. I am so excited to share my work here on my website, so more people can see the power of kids using the internet in positive ways. I look forward to more opportunities working with authors and organizations who share my drive to promote digital citizenship for kids.
Keep reading! Keep thinking! And, keep watching LivBits for more ideas about your books and the world!"

Digital Citizenship Discussion Cards

You can create a space for your students to engage in conversation about digital topics with though-provoking images and a variety of activities.

Students of all ages can use these cards created by Kristen Mattson in a variety of ways. Asking students to group images and assign groups a label will force them to engage in discussion and analysis of the artwork in front of them. The questions on the back of the image cards can make great journal prompts, debate topics, and launches for research and inquiry projects.

Digital Citizenship Discussion Cards

Kristen Mattson, EdD

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The 4 Cs--What Happens When the 4Cs Meet a "Blender"


METC 4 Cs Planning Tool

Jeremy Sullivan and Kelly Myrick
Blended Learning Specialists
Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, MO

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50ish Trendy Tech Tools


Erin Waldrup and Bonnie Meyer

Instructional Technology Facilitators

Park Hill School District

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Drawing and Animating on a Budget

Learn how to use Google Draw and Google Slides along with the extension Screencastify to challenge students to demonstrate their skills. All tools shown are FREE and help build drawing and storytelling skills with a final culminating animation project and video.


Lisa Janas

Computer Skills and PLTW teacher

Wright City School District

HyperDoc Everything!

Using HyperDocs is a great way to create digital learning experiences for your students through the use of Google Docs. Learn how to create HyperDocs to use in your classroom. HyperDocs can be created for any content area.


Tina Lauer

Instructional Technology Specialist

City of St. Charles Schools

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Teach Me How to Google in Math Class

Empower students to stretch their thinking and creativity while they collaborate, explore, and learn math. Create interactive lessons that bring math to life for your students, spend less time grading and more time interacting, and improve your lessons to meet each student's needs.


Dee Leible

Technology Coach

St. Paul Lutheran School

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Preventing Pathetic Projects

We've all been frustrated when what we are certain is a wonderful project assignment results in substandard student work. Learn about engaging options and various tech tools for student projects, providing planning tools for students, giving students voice and choice, and transforming tech tools in novel ways.


Leslie Creath

Webster Groves School District

Google Certified Trainer

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What's Beyond Those Walls? Connecting Students to a World of Possibility

Whether you are teaching a history class or a world language, connecting students to experts in the field or providing the opportunity to collaborate with other students globally provides a natural "buy-in" and eagerness to learn for your students. Explore free online platforms designed to connect classrooms across the country or across the globe and identify activities in any content area that can include global collaboration. The world is out there; share it with your students. :-)


April Burton

Instructional Content Technology Leader

Francis Howell School District

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