New Way to Examine Bones?

Lacie Thornley

New Way to Examine Bones?

Wilhem Rontgen discovered while passing electric currents through very low pressure gas, the rays became flourescent and were able to be stored in a black carton and light can be passed through just like our eyes.

New Sport Arising!

A new sport by the name of Mintonette was created by William G. Morgan. It involves at least two players and a net that the ball can be passed over using striking motions with the hands.

Fredrick Douglass Deceased

Fredrick Douglass a well known rights activist has reached his time on February 20th. He died of what is thought to be a massive heart attack or stroke.

Eugene Field also deceased

Eugene Field, famous children's book writer has also reached his time on November 4th. He first started publishing poetry in 1879. He also had a heart attack, but at the early age of 45.