The Keys to CSC 630

Important Information & Course Details


As a profession, we need to share with each other: share our knowledge, our experience, our work, and our resources. The same will be done in this course.


To share to an optimal level, we have to participate at a high level. This means logging in often, responding to each other on discussion boards, and with posts that are thoughtful, insightful, and astute.

Take Risks

As a techie, I love seeing the different options for assignments. We also need to remember to adapt this idea to our students. We need to not only allow but ENCOURAGE risks.

Think Deeply

Good, lasting learning goes far beyond the basic knowledge of facts. We have to analyze and evaluate those facts, the impact of them, and how we can affect the future with our new knowledge.


We must respect not only our colleagues in this class, but our students and their families. We need to empathize with them and appreciate their experiences.


Professionals must all continue to grow and learn, and especially so with educators. We must maintain a growth mindset, explore new ways to improve our teaching, and share our findings with others.