T Calorie lab

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What is calorie?

What is a calorie used for?

You need to consume calories so your body can preform actions.
Burning foods to measure calories

Calculating calories

The video above shows just how much energy is in certain foods the amount of calories in a food can be calculated very specifically using a complex equation.

#c=amt.H2O x change in temp.

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calorie dense VS. low calorie density

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Empty calorie

A food that has calories but no nutrients.
I think restaurants should only post the number of calories in their food if it benefits them.

Amount of calories consumed VS. burned

If you burn as much as you consume you will be fine if you eat less you will get very skinny but if you eat more then you will get fat.

What is a positive choice?

Many websites offer free calorie calculators to tell you how many calories to eat to lose wait.

I showed this to my mom.