Poetry Anthology

By: Nina Brown


Nina Brown was born in Kansas city, Missouri and has written 6 poems, which are "where I'm from", narrative, structure, ode, extended metaphor, and a sonnet. This is the first time she has ever written these types of poems.
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My unique life

I am from Jewelry from Pandora and James Avery.

I am from the color on our bright flowers.

I am from the rose bush, the apple tree.

I am from lasagna and glasses, from John and Jorden and Brown.

I am from the musically talented and athletic.

From your my sunshine and to never give up.

I am from the cross that Jesus died on for our sins.

I'm from Kansas city, hot dogs and ribs.

From the food always spilling on my mom, the all family pictures we attempted, and the dolls that I would always run away from because they always scared me as a child.

I am from the pictures underneath my mom’s bed and in her nightstand, and all the projects we made in kinder garden in bins stored in our garage.
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Let's play ball

It was a beautiful day outside, bees buzzing

Trees whistling in the air.

Jill decided it was a good idea

to take a ball that was not hers

And play with it. Jill was having so much fun, with the ball going BOING

That it seemed like she was outside playing

For days. Then Susan, the owner of the ball,

Saw that Jill was playing with it without

Asking for permission. Susan yelled,

“Why are you playing with my ball?”

Jill didn’t know what to say she stood there

Still-motionless-frozen with fear,

Susan pushes Jill to the ground and grabbed her ball.

Jill started bawling and ran home,

Jill was too frightened to go back outside

Susan decided she was being a bully and went to talk to Jill

Jill was reluctant

But finally let’s Susan talk to her

Jill accepted Susan’s apology, and became friends with Susan

Then Susan asked Jill “Do you want to go play with my ball?”
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Beautiful black dog

My mom bought me a dog

He was bigger than me!

He was softer than a blanket

He was an all-black German Shepherd

Blacker than the night

When he barked it sounded like thunder, WOOF

He would always come lay on my bed,

Laying on top of my feet

It felt like he weighed more than an elephant.

His fur would look like it was sparkling in the sunlight,

He was as beautiful as a flower garden.

My life felt amazing with this dog in my life

But one day he wasn’t being his playful self,

He would always lie down and never eat or drink.

He was my best friend I did not want to lose him,

But one day he wouldn’t wake up

I started bawling my eyes out.

I cried for 3 days straight,

Waking up to see he was not there.

Till this day I still miss him.
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Basketball love

I love basketball.

It’s in my blood; from my head to my toes is my favorite sport

Never looking back on what I love. Always thinking about how I can get better.

Pass, shoot, score! Quickly making friends and passing a ball up and down a court

Basketball is not just a sport it consumes my whole life. Slowly getting better, and quickly

It is my anchor, coaches always yelling, helping us get better at the sport. Team mates who we love,

Shoes that always squeak when running, getting faster, and learning new plays. Forming a family!

10 hours of practice a week. Getting sweaty and tired every night. We never lose or complain.

Our feet always hurting but always glad to play the sport we always and forever will love.

Championship games at tournaments that always make us excited to get 1st place.

A team of girls who share an unimaginable bond, towards the game with

Love and passion; your mind taking over on what to do and when.

Wanting to get scholarships and fame with it,

Always shedding a tear, that’s why

I love basketball
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Who I am

I am a song

With many beautiful melodies-

And different types of style.


High notes represent all the good times

Going to the park-

Having laughs with my family

Low notes represent all the bad times

Getting hit in the face with a basketball

And getting kicked in the face

I am a song that is-

Slow and steady

Making beautiful sound

To all ears around

I am a song that is priceless,

Like my hair and talents

The sound representing who I am

A sister, a teammate, and a daughter.

I am a special and beautiful song.
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Will I ever find love?

Will I ever be as lucky as you to find love one day?

I don’t think I will because I am sad:

You found love in summery spring of May

But I like a person, who is awesome and rad

Looks are not everything to a person like me,

But he must be outgoing, funny, and nice.

With a talent or pretty blue eyes like the sea

Love can be hot like fire or as cold as ice.

Love can also make a person crazy and really nuts,

Like getting really jealous for no reason,

But in reality to ask someone out on a date you have to have guts

But I would like to have found love in the summer season.

Love can be a really beautiful thing,

But being heartbroken can feel like a sting.


My favorite poems that I have written was the extended metaphor and structure poem. To capture these ideas I had to think really hard about how I felt and make sure that it comes from the heart. My intended effect on the reader was to show who I am and to show the reader what I deeply love. To design my poems I just thought about what I can talk about for a long time and never run out of things to say. During the writing process I felt really stressed because for some of the poems I had no idea what to write about and it took awhile to get the right idea. What inspire me as a poet is everything that happens in my life and the people in it.