May 2016

What's Happening in PACE?

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In Kindergarten PACE, we have been discussing the word fluency. We discussed how fluency is coming up with a lot of ideas. I asked the students to come up with things that are sharp. They told me things like shark teeth, pencils, and safety pins. One student smiled and said, "I am sharp!" I totally agree! All of my kindergarteners are sharp!

First Grade

First graders have been learning basic programming skills with MicroWorlds. I am so proud of how quickly they have caught on! This week, they made the turtle "dance".

Second Grade

This week, the second graders have become travel agents. They have chosen a Wonder of the World and they are researching it. They will be persuading others in the class to visit their Wonder.

Third Grade

Third graders finished their solar realtor advertisements. They are now waiting for upper grade students to decide which one will be the winning planet!

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders are continuing to work on their Robotics Mission. They have chosen an unfavorable environment, and they are programming their robot to accomplish a task within that particular environment.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are continuing with the poetry unit. This week, we discussed the correlation between poetry and music, and they looked for the symbolism in music. We also read a poem called The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop, and they are recreating the fish symbolically.