PTU Negotiation Update

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Hello Proviso parents,

Today, District 209 conducted its 15th negotiating session with the Proviso Teachers’ Union (PTU), which represents our approximately 280 educators. During today’s session, the District made significant movement on key issues, including:

Compensation: The District has again made movement on salary by further increasing our offer from 6% over to 6.50% over three years (2% in the first year and 2.25% in the second and third years. The union is seeking 21% raises over four years.

Attendance Incentive: The District has offered one sick leave bonus day for staff who miss one day or less per semester.

Administrative Contract Language Compromises: The District has agreed to the union’s demand to remove our proposed requirement for teachers to provide lesson plans to school administrators. Further, while maintaining a required 30-day notice of teaching assignments, the District has proposed to eliminate a related financial penalty to the District for delays in providing such notice.

The union did not respond to the District’s most recent offer before negotiations concluded today. While we have not yet reached agreement on scheduling additional negotiating sessions, the District and the union will continue to discuss other opportunities to meet before February 18, which is the earliest date the teachers could strike. Our next two sessions are currently scheduled for February 23 and March 9.

The District is committed to ongoing good faith negotiations to avoid a strike by reaching a fair and fiscally responsible multiyear contract agreement that serves the best interests of all stakeholders–students, parents, teachers and the local residents who pay taxes to support our schools.

We know our parents and community want our teachers and students to be in school, teaching and learning. Please encourage both the Board and the union to keep talking and working toward agreement. As always, we thank you for your support of District 209, our students, and teachers.

Thank you,

Mr. Rodney Alexander

President, Board of Education

Proviso Township High Schools District 209