Future Friends Of America

A third party group


As a third party we don't get lots of attention but our group of amazing people support many great things and this flyer is here to promote our campaign!! Our group has lots of views on different issues so here is just a few examples:

  • Death Penalty- A for sure no go!! There is not one single excuse for this.... yes criminals do wrong and hurt others but why would go around saying murder is wrong and then turn around and kill that human being? Its completely unethical in our eyes.
  • Gay Marriage- ABSOLUTELY!! The government has no right to control who gets married to who because love is love!! If it makes you uncomfortable seeing a man and a man or a women and a women married well it doesn't matter because you can ignore it!! Its the couples life we are all aloud to love who we want and its not okay for anybody to get in the middle of that in our honest opinions.
  • Further education- Free!! All further education should be given to anybody who chooses to better their future career path no ifs ands or buts about it.
  • Healthcare- Free!! Just like further education Healthcare should be just as free. Our main goal is to better life for everyone and make things easier so this is a key concept in this mission.