bb's game of life(:

bella boyd

My Life.

I'm going to college to get my masters degree. I was able to at least get a 50% grant off of my college fund. It's not much but at least I don't have to pay all.
I chose to be a business manager and make $68,700 a year, it's a decent amount of money but its not extremely well.

I bought and live in a small house. It costs $175,000 a month so I have to spend my money wisely to be able to pay for my house.

I pay $3,083.98 a month for my water bill, gas, electric, cable, and phone bill. Soon I would be having trouble to pay for these things each month if I don't spend my money very wisely.

If I wanted to go shopping, I would have to just put a little bit of money into savings each pay check and It would be a little amount of things I could get and it wouldn't be very often I go.

By the end of all this I am in debt over a thousand dollars. If I could go back and change things I would definitely do so. I would change my degree I got, my career and be able to put a lot of money from my paycheck into savings. From all of this, I need to really spend my money wisely and make better decisions in how and what I spend my money on.