The Bond Brief

October 25, 2013

Reminders for the Week Ahead

  • Goal Time is every Monday. Your child should have a plan in place of what he/she will be doing for the last 40 minutes of the day. The kids have been really into the rubberband bracelets. You do not need the loom to make a bracelet. The rubberbands are between $1.99-$2.99 a bag. Halloween decorations or small pumpkin painting could be an option too, if they would like to bring in the supplies.
  • Book Logs will be checked on Monday. I expect each child to read at home a few times each week.
  • The Halloween Party and Parade will take place on Thursday. Children can begin getting their costumes on at 1:00. They may not wear their costume to school.
  • The third grade classes have and will be getting large ziplock-type bags for backpacks and coats. Mrs. Siegel ordered some for our class, and they are being shipped to Glengary.
  • Basic Math Fact Word Series: Today we scrimmaged Miss White's class. Next week we will be scrimmaging again on Friday. Many students are struggling with subtraction. Please work on these facts with your child. They should know the answers and be able to say them to you within 3 seconds. (Today I gave them 5 seconds...and many struggled.)

STEM and ME Contest

We created AWESOME STEM posters for a contest that is being sponsored by the Michigan STEM Partnership. I submitted the posters today digitally. If any of our students are chosen as winners, we will have to send the originals to them. The winners also get to attend an award's ceremony on Nov. 4 in East Lansing, as well as win money! It would be awesome to see a Team Bond member win! The artwork will be used for promotional material highlighting STEM education. Just in case you need a reminder: STEM=Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering. You may also see STEAM..which is the same with the addition of Art.

We will be Skyping a lot in the weeks to come!

Did your kids tell you about Mrs. Richard?

Mrs. Richard is a volunteer from the Walled Lake Public Library. She participates in the Storyteller's Connection. This is a group of volunteers that go into the schools and work with classrooms. Mrs. Richard has been my volunteer for the last 5 least! It has been wonderful to have her share the love of books and reading with my students. She will read at least once a month to the students. Sometimes she will do projects with them too. She was a teacher at St. Pat's, and she has grandchildren that attend Loon Lake.

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The Week in Review

Math: We worked a lot on money. From estimating amounts to exchanging coins and playing money top-it to playing Money Bingo, students were exposed to many activities to work on this skill. Elapsed time and data will be worked on next week, as well as problem solving.

Science: We took our BA this week. The students have corrected their tests, so they should know roughly how they did. I need to go back through and check bubbling errors, as I have found a few and want to make sure I report the accurate score.

Social Studies: We will begin next week learning about the geography of Michigan.

Writing: Today we had fun reviewing adjectives, nouns, and verbs, with the app Mad Libs. In addition, the students are still working on their Halloween stories. Many of the students are in the publishing phase. For word study today, I dictated sentences containing their words for them to write.

Reading: We are loving Out of My Mind! It is packed full of rich content, and we are having great discussions about life...and how to treat others! Ask your child what they have learned or have thought about while should have a lot to talk about! We will be Skyping with classes next week about the book! We even have a school from Flin Flon, Manitoba that we will be connecting with! Book Logs are due on Monday!

Congrats to the Math World Series Dodgers Team!

We will have different teams next week!

Election Day is Coming Up!

Remember to vote on November 5! If you cannot make it to the polls, you can fill out an absentee ballot. I have some absentee applications if you need one. You can bring these to the township or city clerk's office (depending on where you live) up until the day before the election.