Castle View Family Newsletter

August 7, 2022

Hello, Castle View Families:

I know our hearts are heavy as we start this school year. I want to start by saying thank you for being the family we are and for taking care of each other. Many members of our community are hurting, and I appreciate all that you've done to offer support to one another. If your family or your child needs anything from us, please don't hesitate to reach out.

This newsletter has a lot of information about the beginning of our school year. Please know that it will also be linked on our website in case you need to refer to it again. Again, reach out to us if you have any questions.

As always, thank you for sharing your kids with us; it is our honor to serve them.


Jeena Templeton, Ed.D.

Principal, Castle View High School


First Week Schedule

**Senior Sunrise Breakfast has been moved to Friday, August 12 at 6:30 am. We welcome our senior class to come together for breakfast on the CVHS Football Field.

Monday, August 8 is still Freshman Orientation. We plan to see Freshmen only from 7:40-2:55. The CVHS Mental Health Team and District Crisis Team will be available all day in the library for students who need their support.

Tuesday, August 9 is the first day of school for all students from 7:40-2:55. The CVHS Mental Health Team and District Crisis Team will be available all day in the library for students who need their support.

Mark your calendars with these important dates:

August 8: Freshman Orientation. All 9th graders should plan to attend from 7:40-2:55.

August 9: First Day of School for all students from 7:40-2:55.

August 11: Make up Photo ID Pictures available for students who could not attend In-Person Check in during Advisement and Lunch.

August 12: Senior Sunrise at 6:30am.

August 16: PTO Meeting at 5:30 and School Accountability Committee Meeting at 6:30 in the Castle View Library.

August 18: Back to School Night 5:30-8 (Details to come in August newsletter)

September 16: Final School Photo Retakes available during Advisement and Lunch.

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CVHS One-to-One Technology

For your student to fully participate in the classroom learning environment, they will need to bring a minimum of a Chromebook-level device with them daily by the third week of school.

What is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy?

The DCSD student-technology BYOD policy allows students to bring and use their personal laptops at school or during online learning. To be compatible with classroom or online learning, the device must be able to connect to the school’s or SPS wireless network. Students will use their devices in the classroom or online learning to access and save information from the Internet, collaborate with other learners, and utilize the productivity tools, such as Google Classroom, that are available to them.

What devices are appropriate for BYOD?

Devices should have the following minimum specifications: Chromebook, 4GB Ram 16GB HD, 128GB Memory

Why Chromebooks?

In short, they're 1.) inexpensive, 2.) aligned with many of the learning tools that our students already employ (e.g., Google Classroom), 3.) are supported by the district, and 4.) have been part of the overall learning culture of our building long enough to build a solid "comfort level" for student and staff usage.

Please note that:

A small number of devices are available for long-term check-out for students demonstrating need and meeting requirements. These devices will be distributed during the first two weeks of school and the process for requesting one will be shared with your students during Advisement.

Miss In-Person Check-in?

If you were unable to attend In-Person Check-In on August 4th and 5th, please have your student go to the SaberCave during Advisement or lunch on August 11th to get a make-up photo. Students are required to carry their Student ID while they are on campus.

CVHS Advisement

On August 9, your students will receive important information about some shifts in our processes and procedures for daily Advisement. We have made these adjustments to ensure that this class continues to be a foundation of creating a community of belonging at CVHS and to give students systematic academic support.

Please know that it will be very important for your students to attend this required and graded class each and every day.

Please ask your students for more details when they return after Day 1.

Back to School Night on August 18

5:30-6:15 Clubs, Activities & Athletics Fair in the Commons: Meet coaches/sponsors to find the right place for your student to get involved at CV.

6:15-6:45 Principal’s Welcome in the Auditorium: Meet Dr. Templeton and get some tips and tricks to support your student's success in high school.

6:45-8:00 Open House-In: Visit teachers in their classrooms and enjoy our Back-to-School Activities out front. Romo’s Street Tacos food truck will be selling food from 5:30-8:00 in our parking lot.

Late Fall Sports Registration

Fall Sports registration closed on Friday Aug 5, 2022. Late registrations after that day will be cleared as quickly as possible but your athlete might not be cleared for Tryouts on Monday.

Note: Please make sure you have uploaded a current physical into your account during the registration and that it is readable. Payment of the participation fee on MySchoolBucks is required to be cleared also.

Student Handbook and Due Process

We encourage you to review our Student Due Process Acknowledge and Student Handbook.

  • Link to Student Due Process Acknowledgment that students will fill out in Advisement
  • Link to Student Handbook

Optional Fall SAT, PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT), and PSAT 9 Registration for October 12th

12th graders should register for the SAT if they would like to improve their score from the spring. Link to Register

11th graders should register for the PSAT/NMSQT. This will be the only time CVHS offers the National Merit qualifying version of the PSAT. Link to Register

10th graders may choose to take the PSAT/NMSQT. Link to Register

9th graders may choose to take the PSAT 9 to establish baseline performance. Link to Register

All registration will close on August 25, 2022!

CVHS Schedule Correction Policy

Students and families can view student schedules in Infinite Campus. Please note that Schedule Corrections are available if:

  1. They did not pass the course prerequisite.

  2. They are physically unable (by doctor’s note) to participate in the class.

  3. The student is placed in the wrong level of any course.

  4. "See Counselor" is printed on the schedule in any term.

We ask that students and families understand that scheduling is a complex issue, and it is difficult to accommodate numerous requests. Thank you in advance for supporting the Castle View correction policy.

Parking Passes

Student parking is located to the back and athletic lots on the east and south sides of the building. Only seniors and juniors have the opportunity to purchase a permit at this time. To accommodate as many drivers as possible, and to alleviate neighborhood congestion, students CANNOT purchase a permit unless they have obtained their driver’s license. Once they have their license, they can complete the application process and check with our bookkeeper, Renee Susman, to see if permits remain available.

Parking Permit Purchase Process:

  • Beginning July 25th, students must complete all student parking contracts through the link below.
  • Students must provide the student’s driver’s license number, license plate number, and make/model/year/color of the vehicle(s) the student will drive to CVHS on the contract. Once applications are complete, the parking permit fee will be available for payment on your MySchoolBucks account.
  • Note- we ask all families to provide information on a minimum of two vehicles the student may drive to school to assist in reducing incorrect tickets.
  • Students with any fines or fees, including from the current school year, ARE NOT eligible to purchase a permit, until all fees have been paid.
  • Payment for parking permits will only be available for purchase online. Families pay all parking fines/fees through MySchoolBucks.
  • The cost of a permit is $50. If purchased in the second semester, the cost is $25.
  • Families may arrange payment plans through the Bookkeeper on a case-by-case basis, with the approval of Mr. Dowis, Assistant Principal.
  • Families may direct any questions related to this process to Scott Dowis, Assistant Principal (

Distribution Schedule Information:

  • Permits will be available for pick up outside the theater on Monday, August 8th. After that time permits can be picked up at the Bookkeeper’s window.
  • Students may pick up their permits before school, after school, during lunch, or during an off period. STUDENTS MAY NOT LEAVE CLASS TO OBTAIN THEIR PARKING PASS.
  • We will continue to sell permits until we have sold all 750. After we have sold out, we will begin a wait list for any Junior or Senior that would like to purchase one. As permits become available throughout the year, we will notify those students.

Please note that Castle View has 589 spaces designated for students. The school issues approximately 750 permits annually in an attempt to accommodate as many students as possible while balancing available space. While the parking lot may appear to have open spaces at times because of off-periods and absences, students often encounter a full lot, which encourages them to park illegally on end-caps or in the surrounding neighborhoods. This causes safety concerns for our student drivers and community in addition to blocking access to our fire lanes. As a result, we are intentional about the number of permits we issue. A parking permit allows access for students to use our campus parking lot, but it does not guarantee a parking space.

We appreciate your support and understanding during this process. By the end of the school year, CV will have approximately 1,500 students of driving age and, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate that number. We continue to evaluate the number of available spaces during each class period throughout the year and will offer more spaces if we are able. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Castle View High School

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