Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

By: Garrett, Katie, Kalei, and Mary Shannon

Why Fad Diets Don't Work for Everyone

As many times as you see diet commercials about diets and supplements, they never tell you that they won't last for ever. The thing that is wrong with fad diets is you can't continue it for your whole life. Once they end you will most likely gain the weight back you lost unless you continue with a health lifestyle and daily diet.

What is A Normal American Diet?

Over the past couple years American is seen as the growing country mainly because the obesity levels have increased as well as the overweight percentile. Many scientists believe most of this is caused by the intake of sugars and salts with most fast foods. in addition to this Americans have become very lazy and less active than they used to be. Most Americans don't realize if they trade in a coke for a water their lives would be in less of a risk for Type 2 Diabetes and other health risks. Although what you personally should eat is different than someone else there are certain guidelines for every human being. For the average person you should exercise atleast 3 times per week for 30 minutes to an hour. Experts say you should also drink half of your weight in fluid ounces, however if you exercise that number will increase. Some other things Americans typically don't know is half of your plate at each meal should be fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Alternatives

Instead of: Try...

Cinnamon Rolls: Toasted Bagel

Ice Cream: Sherbert or Frozen Yogurt

Pork Bacon: Turkey Bacon or Lean Ham

Party Crackers: Saltine Crackers

Nuts: Air-popped Popcorn