Cook Chronicles

Weekly Updates from Room 114: May 18-22


We will be testing on Monday, May 18th (Reading) and Tuesday, May 19th (Math). I know this time of year is rough because the students are ready for summer. However, it is still very important that we are taking our time on this assessment, reading all directions/questions/passages carefully, and doing our personal best.

Reader's Workshop

We will continue to reading about Communities at work and the economy to help us prepare to create our own business for our Economy Project. The students will work on identify main idea and supporting details, cause and effect relationship, and will work on drawing conclusions.

Writer's Workshop

We will be publishing our poems this week. We will begin our poetry books as well. We will be having a Poetry Café on Friday, May 22nd from 2:15-3:00. Each student will be sharing one of the poems they wrote. The café will start promptly at 2:15. I want to make sure everyone has time to read their poem.


We will be working on problem solving for the remainder of the school year. We will be discussing how to eliminate unnecessary information, determine the correct operation, and how to solve multiple step problems.

Word Work

This week we will be working on words with the prefixes RE and UN.

Words to be spelled: rebuild, recopy, refill, reuse, retake, retell, unable, unhappy, unkind, unfair, uneven, unequal

Words to be sorted: recycle, remodel, retake, rewrite, review, unbeaten, uncertain, unselfish, unusual, unsteady, uncle, reptile


We will begin talking about simple machines. We will learn about the different types of simple machines. Our main question for the week will be "How Can You Use Simple Machines?"

Key Words: matter, physical property, length, millimeter, mass, gram, pan balance, temperature, thermometer, design process, work, simple machine, wedge, lever, fulcrum, pulley, wheel-and-axle

Nightly Practice

Monday-Thursday: Practice Words

Specials Schedule

Monday: Computer

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: Computer

Important Dates

May 20th: Field Trip to the Indiana State Museum

May 22nd: Poetry Café at 2:15

May 26th: NO SCHOOL

May 29th: LAST DAY of SCHOOL : )