Kansas Physiographic Regions

Guide to the regions

High Plains

The High plains is located in the north side of Kansas. It has the highest point in the state, Mount Sunflower. This region has gently rolling hills, has areas that are flat and covered in a shortgrass prairie. Some places to visit is Arikaree Breaks and Lake Scott park.

Arkansas Lowlands

The Arkansas Lowlands is a carved out, flat region. Some san dunes have been created along the Arkansas river. Cheyenne Bottoms is a water filled depression used by migratory birds. Is covered by a sand-sage prairie. Some places to visit are Cheyenne Bottoms and Sand Hills State Park.

Smokey Hills

The Smokey Hills was formed from sediment from the sea floor. Eastern hills are capped with stone and the ones in the middle are capped with limestone. There is not very many trees so lots of older homes and fences were made from limestone. This is the land between short and tall-grass prairie. Some places to visit are Mushroom rock state park and Kanopolis.

Flint Hills

The flint hills is one of the few natural prairies left. The soil here is extremely rocky. Obviously has large amounts of flint and is really hilly. This area has over 800 different types of flowers. Good places to visit are Chase county court house and rock springs.