The Horrors of the Holocaust

Jaylin Washington Academic 1

The start

As the brave Jewish Men, Women, and children walk out of the concentration camp, they still tell their stories. I don't have a story, but here is what you need to know, but these facts, are sad. The word "holocaust" means "sacrifice by fire." Part of that sacrifice was 1.1 million children. Did you see the horrors that all those Jewish people had to go through?

It gets worse

On April 1st 1933, a boycott was issued on all Jewish run businesses, imagine how horrible the business owners must have felt. 6 Years later in 1939, an order was sent out that all Jewish citizens had to wear the " Yellow star of David." Then some Jewish people were forced out of their homes and into Ghettos, small apartments often shared with other families. If Ghettos need to be " liquidated " the people living in them would be loaded on to trains and sent away. So, Jewish people got to move around, they were just treated like rag dolls.

The Worst Part

At the main concentration camps, some people were told to undress and get in a "shower." The "shower" looked like a normal shower, but, if you looked really close, it wasn't a real shower, instead it was a gas chamber. if you go to the main concentration camps, you can see the gas chambers and see, it was not a real shower. At Auschwitz, 1.1 million people were killed. After reading this, what do you think. What would you do to prevent this from happening, to Jewish people, or anyone ever again?