Bethany Buttry

Ceramics 1

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softball cup

I created this project because i love to play softball. some problems i had when creating this cup was how to make the cup round. I solved the problem by holding the cup in my hand as if i was holding a ball and it shaped the cup.If i could change somethin about my project it would be the cup handle thats supposed to look like a bat because it doesnt really look like a softball bat.
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Coil Cup

I created this project because i really wanted to create something fun and interestiing. i had a problem with smoothing out the cup, but i solved the problem by making the areas that arnt smooth more bumpy, to give it a cool effect. if i could change anything i would change the edges of the cup i would make them even and i would make the edge sharp.
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John Deweese pottery.

in the artwork i see swirls and loops and there is a container with a handle on it. There is form and shape and color and texture in this artwork. The artist is clearly creative. the sculpture is painted to look like it has a wood color tint. I think this artwork is successful because it has the form and shape and it has elements and principles.
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Emma Marie Caldwalader guid sculpture "free"

In this artwork there is a man,barley clothed he looks as if his hands are tied behind his back. I can see color,form,testure, and shape as well as many others. The sculpture is about a slave that is tied up. the slave just wants to be free. its very emotional because when you think of the times when we all had slaves. i think that this peice is very successful. i can clearly tell that there is a slave that just wants to be free. the emotion of the slave is there in the artwork too.