December 8th

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EVERYONE must watch Annual Title 1 Meeting Recording by Dec 15th

Mayya Standley Handles LC Additions, Removals or Changes

Veronica O does not handle learning coach additions, removals or changes. The task will need to be directed to Mayya Standley via email and the request should only come from the legal guardian. Please let Mayya know if you have additional questions or concerns.

Leads & Dept Chairs- Reminder to send Grade Info To Natalie

Within your departments, please work together to gather the gradebook weighting breakdown for every course. Please compile these and send Natalie ONE email from your department team with all course gradebook details by next Friday, December 12. Let Natalie know if you have questions!

National Honors Society & Beta Club

Thank you to Leslie Clark & Christian Kraus for volunteering to be sponsors of the National Honors Society! Please reach out directly to Leslie & Christian if you are interested in getting involved!!

Thank you to Russ Long for volunteering to sponsor Beta Club- we are in need of additional sponsors to work with Russ & these fantastic kiddos- please reach out to your lead if you are willing to co-sponsor Beta Club!

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