Tech Design Portfolio

Jeevirth Subramaniam's Work and Sketches Throughout grade 10

Tech Design is my favorite course our of everything i took. I love this course not only because i am doing exceptionally well, but also because i love drawing and designing things in general. I had so much fun and gained experience in this course that will help me in my daily life, other courses, and my future career. This contains everything we covered in grade 10 Tech Design class. I will definitely be taking this course throughout high school.

Weekly Sketches

Sketches from Week 2-15

Week 2

We started off by drawing simple boxes using the letter "y" technique. We got into using that technique to angle the shape to our liking. I found it fairly simple to master. We later moved on to drawing small accessories like earphones, printers garbage cans, and hair dryers by simply making separate shapes and combining them together. I found this unit easy and entertaining because i love drawing and compared to other people i did exceptionally better.

Week 3

Using what we had learned last week about angling products we got into combining shapes together to create a much complex and shape or rather building. I found this really fun to do, because of its similarity to architecture and clear to accomplish. After getting familiar with that we moved on the making for appliances like toasters and printers while eliminating space (adding the holes), providing color, and into our drawings so our drawing would seem more professional and realistic. I found this week very simple, because the week before was relative to this one except that we take our space instead of adding them.

Week 4

In Week 4 we went back to the fundamentals by drawing simple 2D shape like ovals and circles in order to gain a smooth natural movement in future drawings.

Week 5

Week 5 was our intro to 2-point perspective drawings. We create simple figures like rectangular boxes, then we moved on to drawing tables, and finally more complex objects with variety of curves and holes. I found this unit specifically difficult, because it felt unnatural using the 2-point method, but through the matter of time I've gotten satisfying results.

Week 6

We got into using the 2-point perspective drawings to manipulate an object and change its position and angles.

Week 7

We started our step stools assignment so we needed practice drawings other step stools before we can design our own. We were taught to use oval to conduct simple curvy figures, and how to shade them perfectly using a special tool in Photoshop. I personal felt godlike compared in this week as my shading was fluent and my drawings were on point.

Week 8

We moved on to drawing a variety of much more difficult pieces like CPU. We had to capture the right curves and contents that forge to create the CPU like the supporting sheets of legs, screw, and more. I really enjoyed doing this, because it was challenging to master but not stressful to do

Week 9

This week was disappointing, because we were just inducted to draw simple boxes and review our learning from week 3.

Week 10

I felt really comfortable during week 10. We started of by drawing 2D images of shampoo bottle, and then we move on to drawing 3D baby bottles. It was interesting to do, because it contained many curves and familiar shapes such as cylinders and ovals. Each bottle was unique in appearance and i really enjoyed recreating them in my way, and I found it fairly simple to achieve good result.

Week 11

In this week we we drew what looked like water containers. It contained many curves and combinations of oval and cylinders with light shading, then we moved on to drawing projectors and other appliances with similar wavy contents expect we moved onto deep shading using the shades of grey to make our drawing seem more realistic. I found this unit just as simple as all the other weeks, because it didn't contain anything different although it was worth drawing as it was great practice.

Week 12

Week 12 was particularly difficult compared to the other units, because of the small details, abnormal perspectives of the objects, and the hidden steep lines and cutting curves within the objects that we were drawing. I found it difficult at first, but with the helps on my peers and failed attempts i was finally able to make a satisfying replica of the original drawings.

Week 13

We were introduced to architecture in this unit officially. We made brief and simple shapes of rectangular buildings, and added curves and removed parts to make the buildings/drawings look like modern buildings. We learned that you can make simple yet impressive outer building designs by and or removing parts from common shapes we know. Although this was simple and boring there was a feeling of satisfaction of learning something new and important. After we moved onto drawing 2D images of modern houses which taught us how every line is linked with another as we kept drawing and analyzing, and finally we moved to 2 point perspective drawing of complex houses and buildings. At first i was overwhelmed by this, but after following the right instructions and drawing couple of lines i realized that all the lines were indeed proportional to each other and connected, so i was able to complete the outline of the buildings with exciting results.

Week 14

This involved 1 point perspective drawings. This helped us with our final assignments and drawing our bedrooms, but it was an extremely challenging week, or so it seemed. At first i had no idea on how i was going to draw this pictures, but with Mr. Balian's tutorials and guidance i took a view on analyzing pictures, and so i realized that the sides were symmetrical as in if i drew one side of the image i can easily finish the other side with ease. The sides only contain vertical lines and few diagonal ones that connected to the vanishing point. So after i drew the simple portions of the image i was able to add small details to like the outline of individual bricks. Finally, after understanding that drawing the ceiling required the same technique as drawing anything in one point perspective by connecting lines to the vanishing point i was able to successfully finish most of this drawing with considerable results.

Week 15-16

We advanced with 1 point perspective drawings by adding windows, and furniture like bed, chairs, etc. I didn't find this unit to difficult, because the week before i acquired knowledge on the methods of drawing 1 point perspective, so i understood that drawing the furniture used the exact same technique to draw that we learned in school except we would simply elevate the top of the object so it is proportional to the ground. I was comfortable with this week and i had fun working.

Assignments and Projects

zaha hadid

Although i didn't enjoy doing this project i learned so much about architecture from Zaha Hadid, and i was able to learn some simple techniques that can be used to promote a product- which helped me throughout the unit. I did find this project boring, but i feel like this was a fundamental project to do, because it introduces us the kind of work we will be doing in this course and if we did well on this we could assure we will do fine on the other presentations.
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coop himmelblau

Not much to say about this It was the exact same thing as the Zaha Hadid project, except we were given less time and in relation my presentation was worse.
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Waste Basket

Although my presentation was pathetic for this assignment i think that my design for the trash can seemed high class and modern, so i was able to get a high grade. I wish that i could redo the presentation for this assignment.
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Step Stool

I did not enjoy this assignment as much as the others, but t was still an interesting project. I found that my design was the most creative one although it may not score high grades; everyone chose to make their step stool shaped like a "z" but i felt the need to make something no one thought of and something creative. I was not satisfied with the final product, because i thought i should of remodeled the design and added more features.
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2 Bedroom Condo

This was a great way to end the semester as it was by far the most challenging and interesting project. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, because of my passion for architecture. I was satisfied with the condo that i made. I had all the features i wanted in a condo. Although i spend a lot of days restless and tired working on this time-consuming project i was able to complete it with outstanding results. I loved this project, because i dictated the kind of dream place i wanted.
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