Weekly Reminders

Week 9 Term 1 2021

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From the Principal

Hi everyone!

Another really great week here at st Emilie's - we hope yours was too!

As you will read below, our Interschool Swimming Team achieved a super result this week - our best yet! Congratulations to all involved, with a special shout out to Nathanael, who was runner-up Year Six Champion boy, to Olaf who achieved Champion Year Five boy and to Nalo, runner-up Year Four Champion boy! Our boys and girls certainly did us all very proud for their results, their attitude and their effort! Mr Davis' has made a web post too!

Our Year Sixes also went on a three day camp this week! Nine staff members accompanied the children and I am so very grateful for their willingness to generously support this valuable extracurricular opportunity. The campers returned safe and sound today after three action-packed days of fun, learning and physical challenges! Much has been learnt about self, about one another and about the importance of team, tolerance, patience, resilience, cooperation, kindness, hanging up wet clothes, and the size of camp meals! They have had some excellent opportunities that have stretched them personally and as a group. We have no doubt that all involved will sleep well tonight and appreciate the comforts of home just that little bit more!:)

Many thanks to:

Mrs Tahni Green - class teacher Year 6B

Mrs Chantelle Carruthers - class teacher Year 6G

Mrs Kylie Goodes - School Social Worker

Mrs Kristy Bull - Support Teacher

Mr Dan Naden - Year 5G Teacher

Miss Veronica Williams--Year 3B Teacher

Mrs Janine Curulli -Education Assistant/Office Administrator

Mr Stuart Munro - Assistant Principal

Virtual Open Classroom

Next Wednesday you will receive a letter from your teacher inviting you to your child's virtual open classroom experience! Please read through the letter carefully to access this opportunity. Please note that we need each family to spend a couple of minutes also completing the two minute feedback form for your teacher. This feedback helps to acknowledge the hard work of teachers to make this opportunity possible. Remember - encouragement and gratitude are wonderful motivators - especially when this is an 'extra' to daily teaching. Thank you for making the time to do this - it is appreciated.

Our School Social Worker

As you will have read in earlier Weekly Reminders, we now have a School Social Worker as part of our Pastoral Care Team.

Kylie Goodes now works two days in our school (Wednesdays and Thursdays), making herself available for supporting students and teachers in the classroom, children in the playground, individual students for one-off conversations or with some support over time.

Kylie is also available to work cooperatively with families, who may need some advice in regard to their child's social/emotional needs, for example - anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, friendship issues, grief and loss, family challenges, supporting a child when dealing with a marriage breakdown and more. She can support you with a listening ear and some parenting strategies and will also be working on providing some parent workshops over time.

Below is a Parent Referral and Consent Form if you wish to refer your child for a session with Kylie. You are also very welcome to book a time to have a chat - either on the phone or in person.

This service is provided as another important adjunct to the existing pastoral care your children receive through their teachers, support teachers, specialist teachers, the Admin team and the Leadership team. Everyone's aligned efforts help your child to feel good in their own skin, to feel confident to let us know if there is a problem, to reassure them that we are all here to help no matter how big or how small their concern or worry might be.

All the best for your weekend everyone! As we head closer to Easter, may we try to find some quiet moments in our busy lives for prayer and reflection, focusing on all we are grateful for and on the small daily changes we are making, to become the very best version of ourselves we can be!

All the best everyone!


Tania Thuijs


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Leaving for Year Six Camp 2021

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Camp update - the food was GREAT!!!

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Congratulations to our fantastic interschool swimming team who swam hard, supported each other and had fun representing our school at the regional carnival on Tuesday this week! There were a number of impressive individual performances and nail-biting relays. Congratulations to one and all - including staff who attended trainings and supervised on the day. A fabulous effort St Emilie's!
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Many thanks to Year One and Two!

Last week our Year Two's shared their fabulous letter writing using the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' as the stimulus for their great ideas!

This week, our Year One's shared some of their terrific retells of the storybook 'Edwina the Emu!' You can check out some of their original emus below! :)

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Check out the new Kindy Playground Plan - coming soon!

After many months of planning, the new Kindy playground is to be installed in coming weeks (crossed fingers!) It is a big job and will involve some temporary mess but it will be well worth it in the end! Click on the clip below for a fly over 3 D view! Many thanks to all families for your support of the P&F as these funds allow us to complete wonderful projects like this each year!
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Kindy Enrolments for 2022 - do you have a child starting Kindy next year?

Kindy interviews for children born between 1/7/2017 and 30/6/2018 - ie turning 4 before the 30th June 2022 are being held early in Term 2 2021.

Please ensure that you have completed an enrolment form asap as we are currently organising interview dates and times.

You will receive an email from the Office with a link to School Interviews to book a date and time. These will open on Friday of next week.

The Leadership Team will be sharing running these interviews over a period of approximately two weeks early in Term 2 and will involve both new families and exisiting families.

Kindy enrolments are an exciting time for our school - we love to meet new families and touch base with our existing families!

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KIndy Morning Tea - next Wednesday 31st March, 8.45am in small hall

The P&F are holding an informal morning tea on Wednesday morning 31st March - last Wednesday of Term 1 - all Kindy parents very welcome!

Check out these precious Kindy moments :)

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Thank you

A sincere thank you to all families for your support of the P&F Hot Cross Bun Drive and to the wonderful helpers who worked all day here at school on Wednesday bagging them ready for children to take home! A wonderful effort St Emilie's!
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What's Coming Up?

Week 9

Kindy OT Screens

MOPS Morning Tea - Monday 29th March in the small hall 8.45 am

Inter School Cricket Carnival--Yr 6 Monday 29th March

P&F Meeting Wednesday 31st March - 8.45am in staffroom

Virtual Open Classrooms - Wednesday 31st March

Holy Week Tableau - Thursday 1st April 8.45am in the hall - run by Year Five

School Holidays - Commence on Good Friday 2nd April - Students return Monday 19th April.


COVID and school - we are still in Phase 4

Parenting Ideas - Article

Parish Contact Details

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Important Task for Every St Emilie's Family

Thank you to everyone who has updated their family details via consent to go. This is due TODAY! We ask that you please complete this ASAP. If you are unable to access the link please contact the school office.
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School social workers focus on the student in the school environment and work collaboratively with principals and teachers to minimise the impacts of personal, family and school difficulties and, where possible, remove any barriers to learning.

With students as their focus, school social workers provide consultancy, advice and support to principals, teachers and other school staff and to families so that they can best meet the needs of individual and groups of children and young people. There is a strong emphasis on individual student and family counselling and support. This is an amazing opportunity for kids, staff and families and one we have wanted in our school for some time.

Please find below the Parent Referral and Consent Form to access our School Social Worker.

You are asked to read the procedure carefully and also note that Kylie only works two days a week. While she will do her very best to accomodate all family referrals, patience may be required as she prioritises her case load and allows time for observation visits, classroom support and playground involvement.

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2021 Sacramental Dates

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Kindy Parent Workshop - post Speech and OT Screens

Wednesday 28th April

9.00am -10.00am in the Learning Hub.

This session will be run by the respective therapists and will inform parents of what the Speech and OT Screens involved and how to interpret the results. They will also emphasise the importance of early intervention and how you can be helping at home.

Please confirm your attendance via email to your child's teacher:



Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Miss Massimi's Special News for kids and families :)

Miss Massimi is the captain of a local cricket team and I asked her to share her special news this week! So here it is:

"On the weekend myself and my team mates won our first ever cricket grand final. At the end of the playing season we finished fourth on the ladder, meaning we had to beat the top team who had only lost 1 game in 4 years of playing, in order to get into the grand final. And we did it! A week later we were playing in the grand final against the second team. We went into the game with a positive attitude and of course ready to have fun! I won the toss and we chose to bat first. We made 107 runs which means the other team had to make 108 to win the game. It took us a while to get our first wicket, but after the first they kept on flowing. We won the game by taking all 9 wickets and our opposition made 90 runs. It was such a great feeling winning a grand final, but an even better feeling making club history by being the first girls team to win a grand final for the club! I would encourage girls to think about joining a cricket team as it is a lot of fun and you learn to use many new skills!"

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Congratulations Tom!

Tom from Year Two was as proud as punch of his first tee-ball trophy this week and really wanted to share his moment with you! An impressive trophy Tom and no doubt you dazzled your mum and dad throughout the season! : )
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School Holiday Fun at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Freo!


Check out the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre website to read more about their next performance in the school holidays - adapted from the book - Miss Lilly's Fabulous Feather Boa!

Miss Lily's Fabulous Feather Boa
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A great school holiday opportunity for kids (and parents) interested in Lego!

RELICS: Bricks of the New World

Scribblers Festival presents RELICS: Bricks of the New World by LEGO Masters Series 2 Winners Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler.

The year is 2530. Humans have long since left planet Earth. After mistreating the natural environment for centuries, they were forced to seek a new home beyond the stars. What remains is little more than an abandoned pile of decaying artefacts and a scattered population of LEGO minifigures.

Built for the young and young-at-heart, using found objects, LEGO, mixed media and multiple layers of storytelling; RELICS: Bricks of the New World is a timely exploration of adaptation, sustainability, diversity and the connections we make with one another.

RELICS: Bricks of the New World is on display at The Goods Shed

26 February – 30 May 2021.

Discover more about the world of RELICS here.

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Pre-Primary kids enjoying the sunshine during PE!

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Year Six Yearbook - is about to get underway!

Pictured above is Hannah from MSP Photography going through how to use the program that Kirsten Devereux, Belle Bacchus and Sheree Taylor (Year Six parents) will use to create the special Photo Book for Year Six this year.

Next week Kirsten will send an email to Year Six parents with details about how/when/ where to share some of your photos! Please do all you can to support these lovely ladies who have generously given their time to this special project that we know everyone will enjoy!

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FREE Digital Wellbeing Seminar - check it out!

Berry and the team at Lil' Peeps OT for Kids want to let you know about a fantastic opportunity for our school community.

Nature Play WA are hosting a free online Digital Wellbeing Seminar for parents, next Tuesday 30th March from 6pm. The speakers are very highly regarded and we thought you may like to share in this opportunity.

This is the link to register, and a summary of the content.


Getting the screen time green time balance right has never been trickier than in these COVID-19 times. In this seminar you will learn strategies to manage children’s digital life in balance with being physically active and staying connected to the world beyond the screen.

The session will focus on Nature Play WA’s Reduce, Replace and Balance approach to navigating the digital maze that has become one of the great challenges of modern parenthood.

Nature Play WA CEO Griffin Longley will be sharing strategies, tips, and resources.

Kind regards,

Jenny Killin

Administration Support

Lil' Peeps OT for Kids


0431 925 276


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OSH Club is up and running for 2021 and provides a helpful service for St Emilie's families who may require short or long term childminding before and /or after school.

Below is a link to the OSH Handbook:


Uniform Shop

Image Embroidery now services our school community's uniform requirements.

For all uniform queries, please contact a member of the Image Embroidery team (contact details below).

Their store is just 5 minutes from St Emilie's for 'try ons' or you can order uniforms via their online form.

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A friendly reminder that we are asked to try to maintain physical distancing where possible and to use good personal hygiene to protect yourself and the general health of our community. Thank you for your ongoing goodwill and cooperation!

St Emilie's Parish

Office hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Mail: PO Box 5184, Canning Vale South WA 6970

An appointment to see a priest is required.

Parish Priest: Fr. Jean-Noël Marie

Email: Jean-noel.marie@perthcatholic.org.au

Assistant Priest: Fr. Victor Manuel Lujano

Email: victor.lujano@perthcatholic.org.au

Office Assistant: Roselle D’Souza

Email: stemilie.office@iinet.net.au

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Scholastic Book Club

Due to COVID lockdown earlier in the year, we have a few Book Club orders on back order. We thank you so much for your patience in waiting for these to arrive.
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