January 25-29

What happened this week?

We had a very busy week! We introduced a new unit this week about the Arctic and Antarctica. We talked about what happens there, where they're located on the globe and what animals live there. We also talked about the fact that most animals that live there are white in color so they're camouflaged. The kids enjoyed the ice experiments and discovered that salt melts ice. They were amazed when we were able to attach a piece of string to the ice by using salt!

Our block center turned into a winter tundra with white felt, styrofoam, Arctic animals, etc. They've had so much fun that we're going to turn the Arctic and winter into our first project. We're going to research the areas and create different winter inspired projects. We may be asking for your help/ donations should we run into a snag and need something.

We also read two versions of The Mitten. The children discussed the differences of the two books and had fun acting out the version written by Jan Brett. We estimated how many bears counters could fit inside a real mitten, and then explored if tiny bear counters vrs. large bear counters would have the same outcome. All of the children laced a mitten, and some colored and cut out the animals in the story to place inside. Your child may want to retell you the story with their mitten and animals.

We completed our second set of work jobs and will begin the next 10. These work jobs focus on letter sound match, letter writing, cutting, one to one counting, puzzles, ordering biggest to smallest and more fine motor activities. Please work with your children on their number recognition. Several are still having trouble. Make it an I spy game! At the very least, they should recognize the numbers 1-4 (their age).

What's happening next week?

Next week we will continue our unit on Winter/Arctic and Arctic animals. We will conduct additional ice experiments and even make our own Popsicles! We will be introducing the letter O.

Information about the Mardi Gras Parade

We are still in need of wagons for our parade. We only have 2 as of right now. If you have a wagon but don't have time to decorate it, please let us know. We can help out with the decorating. We like for the kids to ride in wagons so they can concentrate on throwing the beads. Plus it's more like a Mardi Gras float! We have 13 kids so we really need at least 6 wagons. Maybe you have a neighbor who might let you borrow theirs????

The parade will begin at 10:00am and will last about 30 minutes or so.

Dates to remember.....

2/9 Brown Bear/Ivory Owl Mardi Gras Parade

2/13 SMEP Gala

2/15 School Closed: President's Day

2/26 Dad's Hoedown Breakfast

3/2-3 Group Photos