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Digital Tools: Trello and Google Drive

Trello is a collaborative planning tool that lets you plan projects, plan lessons or untis, organize your writing, create science labs, planning professional development events, or any other task that requires you to plan and assign tasks to a group of students or teachers.

Equipment Needed

A computer with internet access and an email address in which to use to set up a free account.

Use Google Sheets and Docs to Share, Collaborate, Keep and Use Anywhere/Anytime

Managing the Viable and Accessible Curriculum Anytime Anywhere

Trello = Free

Trello's help web site containst 37 short "How to" cards that can get you quickly creating your own project boards.

Trello Playlist - YouTube playlist of Trello tutorials from various contributors.

Google Apps for Education = FREE

Get help using your mail, calendar, documents, and other Google Apps

Support @Region 7ESC

If you would like share what you've created, ask questions, or talk about these tools, please contact us and the fantastic Digital Learning Consultants at Region 7ESC.

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Leadership Development

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