Gangs (Los Zetas,Surenos)


Los Zetas

Los Zetas
Los Zetas are a powerful mexican cartel (gang) there power stretches out throughout Zacatecas and also Michoacan but even farther than mexico such as Texas U.S.A their power is uncountable they are the most feared and the most ruthless cartel by cutting rival cartels heads off and throwing their heads on the streets of Zacatecas.Many people consider the sicarios working for Los Zetas the most feared (Sicario hitman) why because many of those people who work as a hitman are Ex soldiers who have worked for the Mexican military and the zetas train their foot soldiers as if they were to be trained in a military camp or boot camp


one of the most notorious gangs in California and around USA mostly all Mexicans in this gang like Los Zetas the rivals of the surenos are the nortenos they jumped in to be in the gang they like going to go fight rivals as a whole gang or group.

Enclave is a book based on three survivors and they fight freaks and gangs like in real life gangs

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What do they do? Where are they?are they dangerous?Where do they come from?

Los Zetas,Surenos

.These people have a way of living if you join the only way is getting killed by rivals and if you decide to leave you have one way out and that is dying and the zetas have ways of killing such as bathing the cowards in acid or boiling water or executing them or shoot there head off.The biggest reason why people are joining is the count of poverty in Mexico many don’t have homes or food or water so their sons or daughters decide to work for cartels women could only work as prostitutes and men as sicarios.One of the leaders who has been recently been arrested is Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo or Squirrel for short he has been caught in Mexico City and has been linked to over three hundred killings and killing of Us tourist named David Hartley.More than fifty thousand people have died in the mexico drug war in two thousand six.Why is there a lot of violence in Mexico because U.S.A is the main consumer of drugs and all cartels want to feed their drugs in peace but they need to fight so the rival cartels won’t get their drugs to us before the other gang does that is why innocent lives and rival drug cartels each day die from drug trafficking violence.