Epoca Romana

By: Juliana Ferrer

Physical Geography

Come for a trip to Vesuvio!! We will hike to the top and have il pranzo.(lunch).Then, we will go back down and thank Terra, goddess of the Earth.

Arguement of Patricians and Plebeians

Patricians give their point.

We, the Patricians, are angry with the Plebeians. They are trying to gain our power. However, if we do not do something about this, they will rebel and attack the city. We plan to give them a small amount of control.

Vote for Julius Caeser

Vote Julius Caeser for the leader of the Roman Empire. He will lead us in times of great need. He is a person to trust and to have as a leader. We shall be glad to have him. Vote for Julius and you won't regret it.

Did the people really know Julius Caesar?

He was born in 100 BC. When he was born, our great Roman Empire was still a republic. As the general of the Roman army in Gaul, Julius has much power. After he became the ruler of Rome, he went to Egypt and fell in love with Cleopatra. He had to leave her soon after, Senators in Rome didn't like Julius Caesar, so they murdered him in our Senate building in 44 BC.

Interview about gain of land in the empire from Emperor Vespasian

Me- What is your biggest accomplishment?

Emperor- Gaining Land

Me- What land exactly?

Emperor- Parts of Britain and Africa

Me-Thank you for your time, Emperor Vespasian

Emperor- I must get back to ruling the Empire now.

What Arches Can Do For Us.

With bricks, you distribute the weight of them evenly to hold the arch. With arches, we also created domes. The arch brings water to citizens. This occurs because aqueducts brought water and aqueducts use arches.

Progress of the newest project in Rome

The newest project will soon be revealed. We will call this the Colosseum. It will be used for gladiator races, executions, and other games. It will reach the height of 157 inches. Come to the showing of it. You will be amazed.

Coming Soon- A trip of a lifetime

Don't miss out on a fun opportunity to visit the Nile River in Egypt. There are amazing things about the Nile that you must see. There are plants and wildlife, but also the beauty of the river itself. Join soon and you will also visit the palace in Egypt.
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Christian missionary writes to the people of Rome

Dear Editor,

I write because I believe that you should join me in worshipping the True God. I am not forcing anyone, but I am pleading that you consider following Jesus Christ with me and the Catholic Church.

Huns still at large

Be on the lookout for the Huns, the most feared of all the barbarians attacking our Empire. Never underestimate the power and courage they possess to be able to take over our land as they move through the Empire. Be cautious.